x1 tasha 1x: ale

Auto response from x1 tasha 1x: oops. im not here

x1 tasha 1x: x
x1 tasha 1x: please
x1 tasha 1x: i really want to talk to you
x1 tasha 1x: i'll just talk to your away messagei
x1 tasha 1x: i'm sorry but i need to say some stuff
x1 tasha 1x: and the reason i couldn't say it at the mall is cause i froze up because if i would have opened my mouth i would have cried in front of you again and you'll just think i'm a big pussy or something
x1 tasha 1x: i really do like you
x1 tasha 1x: and i have ever since i met you
x1 tasha 1x: i remember that day i walked into musicland, and you were standing there, and i had on my sid and nancy shirt on, and you said "i like your shirt" and i giggled and said thanks and in my head i was like holy shit that kid just talked to me he's beautiful
x1 tasha 1x: and i got to know you and i started liking you