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Neutral Rules

.1.-No Powerplaying-.1.
.2.-No Posting as sumone you are not [no pretending to be sumone else]-.2.
.3.-You are NOT the owner!-.3. NOT immortal, no not even the highest in ranking, although in order to beat the highest you must be only a few ranks below, 3 at most, because you have to work your way to the top, earn it, You may not be in more than one challange at a time but more than one a day as long as they are not occuring at the same time-.4.
.5.-The Highest Ranking neutrals are more powerful [have more powers] than the lower ranking ones, (ex: if the highest can disapear into the thin air as his/her specialty, no one else can, unless given permission to OFFSPRING ONLY,) if position is lost specialty power for being of that rank is taken away-.5.
.6.-You may not kill another unless given permission my that characters player or by me, the owner-.6.
.7.-In the Steal boards you cannot steal those that are royal nor can you steal any if you are not the posted rank [posted rank will be posted in your home land]-.7.
.8.-You must follow all rules on separate boards, unless they are put there breaking rules that are here, if you are not sure ask ME and i will clarify whatever it is for you. =D-.8.

... Yes I know we all hate rules but we MUST abide to them ...

If you want to be a judge ask me on the owner board or email me

When you first join you MUST put the user info in your join post

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