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"Develop An Inventory Management Application Using Microsoft's Visual Basic"

....... Teaches Practical Techniques, DeveloperIQ, India's Developers Magazine.
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This book is about developing a complete Inventory Management Application based on classes. While learning the secrets of the Inventory Management Application you will also learn the basic elements of object oriented system, OOPs features in visual basic, learn the Class rules and guidelines, class template.

You will also learn how to use one class and use the same class to develop all the transactions of an Inventory Application including, creating class headers, class attributes, methods, class events, creating and using an instance of a class, calling object methods and release the reference to the object. The transactions you will develop are:

  • Purchase Invoice
  • Cash Purchase Invoice
  • Sales Invoice
  • Cash Sales Invoice
  • Delivery Note
  • Receipt Note
  • Purchase Returns
  • Sales Returns

    and reports you develop are:

  • P & L Statement
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger
  • Stock ledger
  • Daybook
  • Registers

    Once you have developed the above, there remains the important area of database design for an Inventory Application. In this book you will learn the logics for creating hierarchy of Groups, (Groups, Sub Groups under Groups), full database design, tables purpose, fields, primary keys and foreign keys.

    Note that the databases you will create in this book can be used as the common database for the accounting application.

    Accounting, as applicable in an inventory application including the need for implementing accounting rules and standards is explained. With the Application Series of books you need not look elsewhere for developing packages for the ERP domain. The first book deals with Accounting and this second book deals with Inventory domains, two of the most important domains.

    Remember this book contains full code and no mumbo jumbo. The whole book is a hands on development guide and helps you gain skills in a gradual and graded development path. Whether you are novice or expert you will appreciate the new learning in the book. Each bit of code is explained fully with no room for grey areas.

    Questions answered in the Book

  • How to develop a complete database application using Menus, Standard Modules, Database, Forms, Classes, and Reports.?
  • How to use a Class in an Application.?
  • How to link a form and a class and why do we need to link.?
  • How to develop a Class, including, declarations, property procedures, Class Inialize events, Terminate events and methods.?
  • Why do we need a class.?
  • How do we arrive at designing a Class template, including the attributes, and services.?
  • What are the various data and data types which are entered in an Inventory application.?
  • What are the fields each form updates in different tables in an inventory application.?
  • The relationship between tables used in an inventory application.?
  • How to design a trasaction form.?
  • How to accept user's input and display a report.?
  • How to link text controls in a report to the recordset.?
  • What are the formats and data to be displayed in trial balance, income statement, daybook, registers, general ledger, stock ledger.?

    List of Customers who have purchased these books and benefited are :

    Infosys, Wipro, Mount Carmels, IIM (A premier management inst. rated along with the best in the world), Mr. Richard Ser (Singapore), Brad Siemens (CANADA), Mr. Khalid A. Hakim (NSW Roads & Traffic Authority), Mahmoud Ahmed (Fullerton, CA, US), Syed Wassimuddin (Motorola Employees CU), Joe Taylor (Data Zest Inc.)

    Another winner from VK Publishers:

    "Develop An Accounting Package Using Visual Basic"

    This book teaches all the secrets of developing an Accounting Application. Being the first publication, it set the trend for many programmers to easily learn complete applications without spending one dollar/rupee or attending a training class. If you have the will, you can learn the hidden secrets and save thousands of dollars or rupees.

    All you need to do is keep a copy of this book next to your computer and follow the instructions step by step. Within the first twenty pages you will start seeing the difference. Where other training institutes or books stop, this book starts. In other words all your questions like how to connect ADO to a database, how to write a report using VB, or how to program a grid, how to validate data before updating which were lingering till now are answered now.

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