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Newz :
  • Date: 7.4.03
  • By: Dj Tweak
  • Subject: Revenge (Pay Up)

         I am currently working on a track called "Revenge (Pay Up)" its a solo track which means I'm tha only one in it, I wasn't in the mood for collabing with any other MCs over this beat. I wanted to do a track all by myself since I haven't done one like that in a long time. When the song is out I will post it under my audio page and also link to it right it up here in the news!

    Dj Tweak - Revenge (Pay Up) (Sample)
  • Date: 7.4.03
  • By: Vokal Entertainment 2003 (Dj Tweak, Phatty Rabz, TCurlzz & Jazzy Jay)
  • Subject: Site Is Finally Up!!!

         Yes! The site is finally up! I needed someplace good to host it and I finally found it! More news will be coming!...

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