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 Welcome to Here at you can check out some of the artists in the label and listen to there music, to do that click on the artists page. Most information about the label can be found under the news section (which is updated daily). The section below titled "Biggest News Encountered So Far" is just the biggest even that has happened to the label so far. To get your name under the links section in the bottom right go the page titled "Link To Us" or just click on "*Get Your Link Here" under the linkz menu. Hope you like the site!

Biggest News Encountered So Far :
Posted By: Dj Tweak
Date: 6.15.03
Subject: Tweak & Rabz...?... Sick N Tired!?

Uh Oh! Looks like rabz isn't to happy with tweak. Dj Tweak released a track titled "Sick N Tired" and it mentioned some stuff about rabz and his girlfriend. Tweak did not say anything bad against rabz because he has no beef with rabz at all. But tweak has serious issues with rabz's girlfriend. Tweak wrote the track to express his real feelings towards things. It was a serious track, he meant it to be like that. Since he wasn't to happy with rabz's girlfriend then (and still) he wrote the track and she was mentioned in the third verse.

Dj Tweak - Sick N Tired

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