Chaulie's big get-a-way give-a-way
Once there was a dj named Chaulie who had two airline tickets. One day Chaulie
 got to thinking. He said to him self "Chaulie, what are you going to do with two airline
tickets that will take you anywhere in the world?" So he thought and thought and finally
he said "I got it! I will give them away at the biggest, baddest party ever!!!"
The tickets will be given away Dec. 19th digitgroove party.
Raffle tickets will be sold for $1 each at every digitgroove party prior to Dec 19th. At the end of
each party one finallist will be drawn out of the tickets sold that night. All non winning
raffle tickets from each party will be put together for a second chance finallist drawing on the
night of Dec 19th.
One winning raffle tickets will be drawn from all of the finallist.
For more details see dj/Chaulie.
The Chaulie's big get-a-way give-a-way contest is held and ran by Chaulie the dj.
 digitgroove parties & Club Groove will not be held liable for this contest, the raffle or the airline tickets.