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last updated:11/19/04

this message will self-destruct is:

william - drums
tobias - bass & voice
eben - gutiar
ross - vocals (December 02 - June 04)
paul - vocals (July 04 - September 04)

related projects:

system shit
oh god
torture parade
david gabriel
patience was their victim
sharp like knives
the literati


DIVORCE records. Divorce are also now carrying TMWSD LP's in their back catalogue, so there is now a quick easy way to get a hold of the last 75 copies.

Old News:

This Message Will Self-Destruct is finished. 2 years. 26 shows. 1 12"LP release. 2 short run cdrs. 1 tour. Everything was done independantly. No labels, sponserships or ostentatious merch. We're all on good terms and hope to continue playing music together, expect any new projects to be announced on this site.

If you have any photos from any of the shows you'd like to see on the site email:

live footage c/o of derrick hiltz from bamfest 1 Jan 04.

"c/o" 12"LP is available in Halifax at 'NO records' and 'Sam the Record Man'. We've got about 100 copies of the LP left, and then that's it. $7 if purchased from us, $9 from most other people. You can also order it through this site:
two mp3' s can be found here.

past dates:

12.23.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ The Pavilion w/ The Hold, Special Noise, Gilbert Switzer, ZAAT. (with Ross was on loan from Montreal)

09.09.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Graywood w/ A/V, Jesse Dangerously

08.21.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Pavilion w/ Arkata (Ontario), Beaumont Hamel (NFLD), Money, Ceremonial Snips (Ontario)

07.16.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Bloomfield w/ The Cloak (Victoria)

07.12.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Mi'kmaq Friendship Center w/ The Wolfnote (Edmonton), Oh God, Contrived, Money, DJ David Gabriel

06.25.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Hunter St w/ Buried Inside, The Literati

06.11.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Siobhan's suprise bday-Bloomfield w/ Special Noise

06.5.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ tumbleweed IV w/ System Shit, Special Noise, The Hold, Hellacaust, Spin Cycle Squared, Burdocks, Jon Epworth, Namaste, Heelwalkers, Tragedies, Sleeping in Cars, The Hemmingways

05.28.04 - Truro, Nova Scotia @ BAMFEST2 w/ System Shit, Special Noise, Gamera, ZAAT

05.08.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ Salvation w/ Special Noise

05.01.04 - Ottawa, Ontario @ club SAW w/ The End, Cursed, Abandoned Hearts Club

04.30.04 - Toronto, Ontario @ Planet Kensington w/ Mach Tiver

04.29.04 - Windsor, Ontario @ The Coach & Horses w/ Over the Falls

04.28.04 - Toronto, Ontario @ Sneaky Dees w/ Mach Tiver, I can put my arm back on YOU CAN't, Cougar Party

04.24.04 - LIVE on "The Tom Savini Affair" CKDU97.5FM

04.10.04 - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia @ Mic Mac AAC w/ THE END, A.T.M.O.I, Thy Flesh Consumed, She Kills

04.08.04 - Halifax, Nova Scotia @ The Saint Pats Art Gallery *artschool bursary benefit* w/ Burdocks, Special Noise

04.02.04 - Truro N.S @ Boys and G's Club w/ GAMERA, Force of Habit, Breaking Point, Cheers to Beers

01.09.04 - Dartmouth N.S @ Lotus Art Spaces w/ Capital Death (farewell show), Sidewalk Slutz, Mackoids and The Grindcore Orchestra

01.3.04 - Truro N.S @ BAAAM-FEST '04 w/ Capital Death, The Hold, ZAAT, Ice Pirates and A.F.H.V.T.B.F.A.A.T.D.R.W

11.14.03 - Halifax N.S @ The final Ceilidh Connection show w/ robertgoulet, resk + guests

11.8.03 - Truro N.S @ LUNAR-ECLIPSE-OUTSIDE-FEST w/ Capital Death & ZAAT

10.31.03 - Halifax N.S @ The Ceilidh Connection w/ DEATH FROM ABOVE(Toronto) & Oh God

09.14.03 - Halifax N.S @ The Ceilidh Connection w/ CURSED (Toronto) & Mi Armore (Quebec)

08.24.03 - Truro N.S @ The Truro Legion w/ ZAAT, Capital Death, Sidewalkslutz, Tears for Fears

08.12.03 - Darthmouth N.S - "vickyfest" w/ In Autumns Grave (Ontario), wrukus

07.21.03 - Halifax N.S - @ The Ceilidh Connection w/ The Wolfnote (Edmonton), Le Beast

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