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tAi]\[tE[) Lo\/e

Friday, 13 June 2003

:: Rawr. :: Today was awes0me! ^..^!! I found out that my brother's wife Sonya had a baby boy ^_^! Andd.. Yeah! Hmm What else happened today, Ohhh.. I called Lance today.. Pfft, He was asking about Jenn! Omf, He knows i like him -ALOT- But No.. He doesn't care.. He's all like Where is Jenn? I miss her and so on.. Gawd, That pissed me off so much.. I don't know why I even broke up with him @_X;; I feel like a fuck up since I broke up with him.. Blahh.. Lets see.. I've been out of school for a week! Woo!! ^____^;;.. But I haven't gone swimming as much as I wish I did, And When I do go Jacob isn't there. v..v''.. But Yeah.. And Swimming lessons start the.. 20th >;) Danielle and I get to make pHuN of the kids who think they're all cool.. And they suck at swimming, Fwhahaha. ^..^''.. :: Hisses. :: I MISS LANCE. Woo.. I hope I get over him soon.. >.<''.. Hmm what else.. I didn't go to swim team, I was too tired from watching Lord Of The Rings yesterday night, Tis a great m0vie ^_^;;.. So it was worth it.. andd.. That's about it.. Dum Dum Dum.. Welp, I'm done babbling in this thing x_X;..

Posted by ex/deadly_static at 11:21 PM PDT
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