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True Balla

By: Dan Geoffrion

True Basketballa

Can drive to the hoop

Can make the "And 1s"

and rap like Snoop.

He's a real playa

Defends his court

Can take any balla

Tall or short.

Somebody get a hose

This guy is on fire

Don't try to recruit him

He's not for hire.

Deserves some respect

Plays real clean

Gots a low rider

With a nice sheen.

He is true to the game

Never is mean

Gets all the ladies

"So fresh and so clean clean"

Nice to all

Respectful to his mother

Is so fa sho

A white skinnÚd brother

He must be made of butter

Cuz he's sure on a roll

Lives for the game

From his head to his soul

Goes to any hoop

Can take any street

Knows he has the moves

From his hands to his feet

Can jump outta the gym

Shot-swatter supreme

How much skill you got

Is for him to deem

Just like a matador

He'll take a charge

Shuffle's his feet

His presence is large.

Throwing a block party

Everybody is invited

Come one, Come all

He'll be delighted.

True Basketballer

Real player too

And if you ask him

He'll take you!

Copyright 2003. Dan Geoffrion. All rights reserved.