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A Toast to All

By: Dan Geoffrion

I give a toast to every man, woman and child

Who gave of themselves, went the extra mile

To those who helped others in times of need

To those filled with charity, instead of greed

Hear, Hear, to those who took the Road Not Taken

Who stood firm in their beliefs, while they were forsaken.

To those who risked it all for their ethics and morals

And those who spread their love, should be crowned in laurels

A standing ovation to all the heroes that never were known

Whose caring devotion, helped someone's goodness be shown

To those who died for what they knew was right

To those who did not go gentle into that good night.

I place unto you my heartfelt graditude

Hoping that you will go on, keeping up your attitude

For it is you who make the world a better place

Blessings unto you may you receive many thanks.

Copyright 2003 by Dan Geoffrion. All rights reserved.