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Public Service Announcement

By: Dan Geoffrion

Say no to crack

Don't talk smack

Don't talk back

If you're white or black

Republican or Democrat

Doing drugs is just whack

and I ain't down with that

Being a thug just doesn't pay

Listen up to what I have to say

Crips and Bloods make big bux, but an honest living is the right way

Which is needless to say

If you want to be the daddy of the mac

Remember abstinence until marriage is where it's at

But if you are a fool, and go mac

My whip will crack.

Thwack, right on your back.

So don't be a fool

Be cool, stay in school

Don't do drugs

Don't be a thug

and don't go mac

Because if you do...


This has been a public service announcement provided by D Money.

Copyright 2003 by Dan Geoffrion. All rights reserved.