I do not have a ...Mexican Cows and Turtle Doves...
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Yes, my name is Corey Proscia; I am a tenth grader at Eldred Central School. I have many hobbies which include sports such as; football and wrestling. favorite sport, well I donít think But if it came down to it, and I had to choose I would probably pick wrestling, due to the fact that I am better at wrestling, then I am at football. But, some people beg to differ. But, I do not mind. My other hobbies are just lounging around using my computer due to the fact that I lack what some people call a life, but every once in awhile I go out and hang out with my friends. And no I am not a female by the way I am typing this, Iím just trying to make this interesting. My future goals, hmm lets see, thatís a toughie. I donít have any future goals at the moment but just to get out of high school. But thatís just about it. So itís all good I suppose. Maybe even marry a hot super model, or go to the moon. Like in the McDonaldís commercial, ďHey, it could happenĒ. There would be other things I would like to do, like eat a piece of chicken in english class or meet the person who invented icicle lights. Maybe even invent shoes that tie themselves. That will never happen, but I can still pretend. But, any who, that would be my bio.