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The Crucible ? Deputy Governor Danforth
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    Of all the characters in Arthur Miller?s play The Crucible, Deputy Governor Danforth is the least admirable character. Danforth thinks he?s superior to others, he is unmerciful, and he is inconsiderate of others.
     The most egotistical and conceited character in the play is Deputy Governor Danforth. He shows this extensive appreciation of himself by asking Francis Nurse, ?Do you know who I am, Mr. Nurse?? (p. 209). Danforth feels the law should be followed exactly, and that anyone who opposes the trials is trying to undermine him and his authority and the church. Because he presides over the court, he does not stand for people questioning the way he runs it. Danforth?s egotism and conceit make him very unadmirable.
     Danforth is also the most merciless character in the play. He does not hesitate to punish or kill anyone who he feels deserves it. ?Them that will not confess will hang?I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law.? (p. 233) Danforth is so concerned about his authority being attacked that he throws Giles in jail for contempt. Anyone who tries to speak out against how the court and Danforth handle the witch-hunt find themselves punished somehow. Danforth?s lack of mercy is shown in his protection of his power.
     Also the most inconsiderate character in the play, Danforth does not care about other peoples? feelings. His lack of consideration is another product of him being overly concerned that his and the church?s authority may be undermined. He arrested Giles, simply for not giving the name of the person who told him about Putnam accusing people of witchcraft. He also sends for the arrest of every person on Francis Nurse?s list of ninety-one people, who Francis promised no harm would come to them for signing it. Danforth does not even consider the feelings of Giles or Francis Nurse, but he just wants to keep his authority.
     Deputy Governor Danforth was fair to an extent, but his merciless nature punishes anyone it feels threatens the court or his power. If he considered others? feelings, became a little bit more merciful, and brought himself down closer to normal peoples? levels, he would be admired by me. He seems to be a decent person other than that, but I still can?t admire him.
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