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   Andra    is a great dancer, beautiful
   both on the inside and out,good
   friend to everyone , loves the Lord,
   honest and trustworthy. Andra loves 
   life and everyone in it from young
   to old, rich to poor, and unpopular 
   to popular, and they love her!!
   Andra never meets a stranger, she 
   has a heart of gold and a million
   dollar smile! She is cool, and you
   can take her with you anywhere,she 
   is great fun, unselfish, and has 
   lots and lots of energy!!
   Andra always considers others before
   herself. Andra makes a good coordinator 
   because she truly loves the job and 
   the exchange students and she has a big 
   heart and soul that is the sweetest!!
   Even though Andra keeps us straight
   and following the rules she can be 
   like a kid herself that loves to have 
   a blast!She will defend and protect
   us at all times. Andra will take us
   on trips out of town, stay up all
   night with us, and be our friend 
   when we are down or having a problem,
   you can truly tell her anything  
   without Andra passing any judgement
   on you. Other coordinators should 
   take lessons because she is truly
   the greatest person and coordinator!! 
   Thats why all of us are really happy,
   because we found here not only the
   best coordinator , we found a friend....