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Douglas from Brazil - Sweet Dreadlock Douglas loves his guitar.

Fernanda from Brazil- A little shy, very nice and looking good.
Nisorn from Thailand- Better known as Art, can dance lying 
         on the floor. 
David from Ecuador - Guitar David with a million dollar smile 
         loves the girls.
Emin from Azerbaijan- Great smile with a very strong will.
Alex from Romania - Loves music and guitar, gets along with 
Ivan from Bulgaria - Loves movies and theater. 
Oana from Romania - Loves to shop, always the sweetest. 
Nui from Thailand - Sweet to everyone, plays the piano when 
         her toe is not broken. 
Priscila from Brazil- Beautiful hair, loves to dance and speak 
         Marco from Brazil - Quite with the sweetest heart, likes to tease. 
J.P. from Ecuador - Acting in the play "Oklahoma" , nice guy.
Luciana from Brazil - Sweet Lucy, we all love her.

Sebastian from Germany - So funny and doesn't know it. 
Benny from Germany - Loves sports and has cowboy boots.
Nayane from Brazil - Loves to dance and talk, loves the boys. 
Radee from Thailand - Plays the piano like Mozart and is a great
         tennis player. 
Pure from Thailand - Sings like an angel. 
Aline from Brazil - Miss Personality, loves to dance and talk. 
Gabriel from Brazil - Nice guy liked by everyone, likes music. 
Heidi Hofer from Germany - she makes great homemade bread. 
Fabio from Brazil - Always has a smile and loves attention. 
Gergo from Hungry - Loves cars and music.
Cristian from Romania - A big joker and fun to be with.
Taras from Russia - Sweet, trustworthy, and just about perfect.
Pedro Arruda (#1) from Brazil - Loves computer, lifting weights
         and guitar. 
Pedro Zanello (#2) from Brazil- Loves to chat and speak