Everything’s so Dark, I can't see a thing. I'm scared, shivering in Fear. All I can think about is where am I? I Try to Focus, But it’s to dark I can't see anything. I back up, I feel something against my Back it’s a flat surface, it must be a wall. I place my right hand on the wall and my left hand reaching out towards the darkness. The wall is smooth, like it was polished metal. I continue walking trying to find some kind of light. I stop I put my ear against the wall, listening closely. I hear a cry, a Cry for help. It seems I'm not the only one Lost perhaps. I must continue. It seems to be getting colder. My fingers are beginning to numb. I can only hope I will Find away out of here soon before I freeze to death. Total Silence, wondering, why am I here? How did I get here? And why is it so dark? I feel something on my neck, I grab it, and it’s a necklace. I take it off. I hold the necklace in the palm of my hand. I hear foot steps. I clutch the necklace with my hand. There getting closer to me. Do I call out to see who’s there? How do I know there friendly? Maybe there the reason I’m here. I best not take my chances. So I sit down on the floor with my back against the wall, trying to be as quiet as I can be, so that the person who is making the footsteps doesn’t hear me. The steps are slow and are dragging. The footsteps are less than a few yards away from me. I swallow deep, trying to not to make a noise. The footsteps are right in front of me now. The footsteps stop. I think “oh no they heard me or they can somehow see me” I hear a loud crash in front of me. “Sounds like they fell down” I think to myself. Perhaps I should I see if there alright? I place my hands on the floor its cold as ice. I start crawling to where I heard the crash. My hands touch something. I feel what it is. It feels like a persons arm. The skin is soft, silky. It must be a girl. No man would have such soft skin. I feel with my hands up her arm to her shoulder. I reach up and touch her face. She’s so cold. How can I try to warm her up? I cross my legs, and grab her by her shoulders and place the back of her head on my left leg. She’s out cold. Her breathing is faint. I must find a way to warm her up, she’s freezing. I lift her from under her arms and place her in my lap, bringing her as close to my body as possible. I will use my body heat to warm her up a bit. I find the wall on the other side from where I was. I lean back against the wall, and the questions come back again. Why am I here? How did I get here? And why is so dark? I just hope she regains conciseness. I don’t want to be alone in such darkness. I feel tired, I lean back against the wall and close my eyes.
Dark Figure

I lie awake in bed. The Lights are off. There is no light to be seen. I clutch the Sheets on my bed in fear of the feeling of something standing next to my bed. I try to shake it out of my mind. Trying to convince myself there’s nothing there. I close my eyes and try to think of something else. It’s no use I can’t get the feeling out of my head. I look to the side of my bed. I see something, a black figure standing there looking at me. I tremble in fear. I jump up and reach for the remote to turn on the light. And shut my eyes at I wait for the light to come on. I open my eyes and turn quickly to face the thing standing next to my bed. But there’s nothing there. “Was something really there? Was I dreaming?” I ask myself. I lay back down on my bed with the light on. This has happened before what can it mean why when I turn the light off I see someone next to me. As I lie there in thought I can’t feeling like I’m missing something, something close to me something I need or maybe something I want. Is it possible that the dark figure that’s standing next to my bed is something I long to meet? I turn the light off once more. I try to shake the thought out of my head and sleep. But I can’t, the thought remains. I open my eyes and look towards where the dark figure had been standing before. Its there again, I tremble in fear as I stare at the dark figure. Again I jump for the remote and turn the light on and it’s gone. I leave the light on. It’s now 3 am I can’t seem to sleep. I feel thirsty. I get up and open my bedroom door. I step out and turn on the small hallways light. I walk down the entry way all I can see is black in front of me in the living room. I think about turning around and going back to bedroom. But instead I run and turn the light switch on in the kitchen. “Whew, there’s nothing here.” I get a glass of ice water and walk toward the light switch to turn it off. I flip the switch down. It goes dark I see the light coming form the hallway on the other end of the entry way. I walk on down. I stop, I feel something behind me. I quickly turn around to see who’s there, but nothings there but darkness. I turn around and walk quickly towards my bedroom door, ignoring any kind of feeling I felt behind me. I get into my room. I sit on the edge of my bed and take a drink of water. I’m sweating; it seems so hot in here. The fan is going full blast. I take another big gulp of water. I stand up and walk into the other room that’s next to mine. I turn on the light and sit down in front of the computer. I began writing this. It’s now 4 am. I shall try and sleep now. goodnight…
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Greetings, I am SouL,

First Name: Tristan

Middle Initial: A

Last Name: Farmer

Age: 16

Sex: Male

City: Bermuda Dunes

State: California

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Skin: White

Planet: Earth

Music: Drums

Love: Cathy

Fav. Color: Blue

Life: Boring




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