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Funny Stories
Funny site(turn on speakers)
Jet Packs n Such haha
Steven Hawkings Site
My MC homepage
Virgy's Site haha dont go here unless ur over 18 or Jack Emmerich

Hello surfers haha this is my new site it sucks!! Hey stop changing my site people MAKE UR OWN! Hey Kasperek, RJ, Nicco, Jenna, Geoff, Biro, Bob Evans Farms, Kirstin, Andy, Christain, Ben, Bryce, Mrs Suba (haha), tell me if u wanna be added. STOP FUCKING WITH MY SITE!!!! If u know what a "canoodle" is tell me please! Nicco how r the twin towers. MY LISP IS GONE! NO ITH BACK RJ I know this is gonna make you cry but the other day when we were on the bus you ate poop!