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Blind Site Biography

Blind Site Is...

Here is a quick biography about the band blind site. Blind site is an alternative rock group from glenview public school, in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our influences are Phish, Nirvana, Tool, The beatles, Ben Harper and many others. We started out as just a small little gig for the school talent show, and then we became blind site a few weeks later. The name blind Blind Site is a metaphor for something, try to figure it out yourselves. We play a mix of our own songs and covers, and we play alot more than just alternative rock, but alternative rock is our basic style. The Great thing about this Band is that most of us have known each other since kindergarden and each member has a significant style of music and personalities and those five aspects combine into one super band to create, the wonderful masterpeice known to you as blind site. The five different musical styles make one type of music that is so good you just want to get down on your knees and thank god your a man. Copywright Sean Fischer 2001.

Band Members

Sean Fischer
Marlon Rosenbaum
Micah Dubinsky
Daniel Singer
Jeremy Bridge