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July 17th

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Last night on Big Brother, Robert, Jee and Justin were shocked but the voting of 8 to 2 for the eviction of
Michelle, as she was suppose to be the pon to get Erica out. And after an intense Head of Household
competition, Dana wins, securing her place in the House another week.

July 23th 2003

New Article

An interview with former BB3 contestant Eric Ouellette on his views and opinions on the current
contestants. "...DAVID - This kid rules. Yeah, he was in the Army and he was a Ranger. Anyone who
doesn't respect that is just plain clueless. I like his attitude. He's happy go lucky and sure he's
there to win the money but you know what? He's taking it all in and actually appreciating it for what
it's worth. He's laying low right now which is a smart move. Sure he hooked up with Amanda, but she's
gone and can't hurt him now. Hmmm, that reminds me a bit of last year but we won't discuss that now.
Dave makes everyone laugh all the time and most of the others actually think he's pretty dumb.. I like that.
Underestimate and you'll all get burned. I thought that move he did on the heavy punching bag in the yard
was awesome. I think I would have tried that too. Keep it tight Dave...." For the rest of the article,
click Here

July 21th 2003


We updated the site! Ya its been a few days, but the some links to recaps of the 24/7 feeds are up.
Also the episode guide has also been updated. Also look forword to updates in the gallery and media
pages. Don't forget the next episode is tomororrow at 8/7 central.

July 21th 2003

Amanda And Dave

As we all saw last night Amanda was the first one to be voted out of the Big Brother house, with the
votes being 9 to none no one in the house was surpised to see Jee stay. A few days before Amanda
left Nathan gave Dave and her a chance to spend one night together alnoe. What everyone could
gather was they did indeed have sex, but no one actually said that. We wish Amanda the best!

July 17th 2003


On Tuesdays show we all witnessed Scott get expelled from the Big Brother house for Bad Behaviour.
Everyone felt he was a threat not in the game but in the phisical sence, and as soon as Scott started
chucking the yellow chairs around the roon it was time for him to go. Everyone belived this was the
best thing for him because it didnt seem like this was the right enviroment to be in. We will miss you
Scott, and all the best!

July 16th 2003


Hey guys if you want to add this graphic in your siggies on message boards or whatever, We would
love it lol!!

July 13th 2003

Amanda And Jee

Tonight on Big Brother Nathan had the hard choise of who he was going to put up for nomination.
Nathan was not sure about the original 8 alliance, and was really hoping to get rid of Scott. In the end
tho, he did stick to it and put up Jee and Amanda for eviction.

July 11th 2003

Hey Guys

Hey, well I hope you like the site! Its all about dave as you guys probably already know lol. So have
fun and all the contents will be up soon so keep checking back! and just so everyone knows this is our
first site so if it sux sorry ;)

July 11th 2003

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