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More pictures coming after my film is developed


Mustang Cobra                    Bently Continental                                      Lotus Elise                                         2003 Saleen

starts  at $39,000                  starts at $150,000                                          N/A                                             Concept N/A     


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Panoz Esperante                 Lamborghini Mercelago                              Toyota Prius                    Chevy Corvette            Cadillac ?

  Starts at $90,000                     Starts at $200,000                            starts at $18,000                starts at $78,000       starts at $68,000


    Nissan Z                        Infiniti Triant concept                               Lexus ?                                         '03 Porcshe Boxter

Starts at $32,000                          N/A                                        Starts at $64,000                                 Starts at $42,000


                                Chrysler Airflight concpt                                              BMW Z4            Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor

        Cost to build $4,000,000 (most on Tech. Research)                   Starts at $58,000             Starts at $68,000



'03 Dodge viper RT10/engine              Dodge Tomahawk                  Pontiac GTO                             Hummer H2            Maybach Concept

       Stars at $74,000                Concept EST. $300,000                           N/A                              Starts at $52,000            Concept N/A



SS Concept                        Ferrari 360 Modenna Spider                                                        FERRARI ENZO

Concept N/A                          Starts at $260,000                               ONLY 499 MADE.  ALL SOLD OUT.  MUST HAVE OWNED 2 PRIOR

                                                                                                      FERRARIS TO BE ELIGIBLE. ALSO MUST HAVE RESUME OKED BY FERRARI.



Maserati spyder cambio corsa                              Ferrari 550 Marenello                                                               Bently Continental GT

            N/A                                                         Starts at $200,000                                                                      Starts at $250,000

All pictures taken at NY auto show '03.

Fifty more pictures to come after film is developed.

                                                                                   NY Autoshow Official Website


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