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The Money Pit

Squirm! Scream!

~6/23~ Been a few days since I've posted.... theres more coming soon but I just need inspiration. The summer has been dank as a tank thus far, no real parties to speak of. Someone needs to host a nice ass sleepover where we all get 'crunk' and hyper. Like Andrew WK... listening to some classic tunes like 'party till you puke' and 'party hard.' However sometimes i find that i'm in the mood for 'lets get a party started.' I also think that I'm gonna make some secret shit on the website, so look for that... only the 1337 are in the loop

~6/19~ Well if it isn't summer already... I'll post a few thoughts on the evening afterwards! ; )

~6/18~ HEY RADDY!!!

Oh man, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for putting that on my site... : )

~6/17~ Phew! No one said playing Dreamcast and swimming in Lindsey Shagory's pool could be so strenuous... I hope late night at Lotfy's tent works out, call my cell if ur interested. : )

~6/15~ Well, the new KPLF section of the site is completed, as well as a bio. I decided that a KPLF section was necessary to prevent confusion about our cause. Enough about that... I just got a job at the AMC Framingham 15! It'll be interesting to become a corporate slave. I've always detested the thought, but we'll see how it really turns out.

~6/10~ I've decided to make a website hosting all sorts of delicious treats such as weekend updates, soul calibur discussion, and chocolate eclairs. More to come... seeing as how I still don't really know how this whole 'internet' thing works! (>'-')>

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