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Maintained by Dai-atlas2000

Last update: 29/05/2003                            Current Issue: Issue 2

First half of issue 2 online.
My email address available should you wish to contact me.

As the website has attracted over 230 visitors already on just the first issue of the comic I shall be expanding and developing the site further. Those non-story related parts of the comic are to be scanned along with pictures and scans of the free gifts included with each comic. Also a few nice graphics wouldn't go amiss either. Keep watching TF fans!

Well this little web-page does not require much of an introduction.
Currently, a UK-only Transformers Armada comic is being produced. Obviously, fans from outside the UK may encounter difficulty in getting a copy. As such, this little webspace has been created to allow those overseas readers to read the UK comic stories.
As each issue is produced, it will be made available here. All the images are available as JPGs. Each issue may be viewed page-by-page online, or you may download each complete comic issue as a zip file. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: These images are offered free and nothing is being sold here. Do not use any images from this site on any other site. Link to this site by all means, but do not steal. No copyrights are owned and this site is in no way affiliated with any Transformers producing organisation.