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70s invasion STAR magazine gallery 2, 70s Glam fashion *

STAR magazine # 5 June


June 1973- the fifth issue of the notorious Star Magazine, undoubtedly the rarest teen magazine of the 70s. Fantastic issue with the highest glitter rock / groupie content yet! Remember that this magazine was selling in grocery stores parallel to Petersen's other teen-girl mag Teen, and be amazed. Glammed-out Star Girl Karen Umphrey on the cover, sweet full-page color photo of Shray Mecham and Frankenstein reading Star together (inspired by the New York Dolls' "Frankenstein"?). Five-page David Bowie article with Cherry Vanilla interviewed about DB and Bowie hanging out with Star Girl Patty Clark. Utterly insane, raunchy four-page "Sunset Strip Groupies" article with photos and interview with Sable Starr and Queenie telling how to pick up rock stars, and neglecting to mention their underage status!

Two-page Beatles-themed "Groupies" comic set in Rodney's English Disco and actually featuring a cartoon Rodney Bingenheimer, also a centerfold Beatles cartoon poster and "Polly Platforms" cartoon, all by Joe Petagno. Short story: "Chain Gang High School." Great posed photos of platform-shod Superdudes offering flowers and apples to disdainful Foxes, accompanying "Guys Who'll Use You" and "Get Him Back- On His Knees!" Patty Clark on a dream date with pop genius Michael Lloyd, "Olga Korbut Goes Foxy," "Nose-Job Diary," fashion spread on cultivating "The Black Foxy Lady Look," lots more. 74 pages

photo from the 4th issue below,

synopsis of the 4th issue -

May 1973- the fourth issue of the notorious Star Magazine, undoubtedly the rarest teen magazine of the 70s! Great cover with Star Girl Patty Clark in an ultra-70s vintage-inspired creation. Full-page color photos of Shray Mecham and the Raspberries Rollswagen contest, Joe Petagno's "Polly Platforms" comic strip and "Groupies" comic strip featuring Mick Jagger (also a centerfold cartoon of Mick), four-page Rolling Stones feature about "Mick And His Chicks" with Marianne and Bianca photos- lots of Stones in this issue! Star Girl Karen Umphrey photographed on a dream date at the Universal lot with hot young actor Jim Daughton, reviews of Mary Quant perfume and the Panasonic Ronalee phonograph, four-page Raspberries article and more contest info, articles on how to make your Superfox go steady and how to keep your best friend away from him, "Cher And Her Super Rags," "Be The Girl Who Wins Every Time" (great photo of Shray Mecham lounging on the phone in her bedroom looking very Eleganza), Liza Minnelli interview, "The Rich Hippie Look," "Beauty And The Fox" column where Star Girls answer fashion and makeup questions (including, with a small photo, Star Girl Rita Wilson!!), and tons more cool stuff. 74 pages....

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