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70s invasion ; STAR magazine 70s Glam *

STAR debut issue feb. ' 73

updated Oct 2nd '08

we first made our 2 galleries on the early 70s magazine STAR way back in '02 or '03, in the fall of 2008 we found a site on the magazine with some of the same photos posted but not all of the same ones we have, anyways to see more images and find out more about this magazine check out these 2 links here -

* model

Debut February 1973 issue of the notorious Star Magazine, undoubtedly the rarest teen magazine of the 70s! This mag was very unusual- it was nationally distributed and came from major teen publisher Petersen (it took its name from a previous Tiger Beat-type mag, but was totally different). However, and this could only have happened in the 70s, it took its look and inspiration from the Hollywood glitter rock groupie scene based around Rodney's English Disco.

As Dave Marsh wrote in CREEM, Star promoted the Rodney's girls as "the prototype of the chic teenage female." Great hard-edged vibe for the aggressively sexy 70s girl, full of inspirational articles advising the budding "Foxy Lady" on how to handle the "Superfox" boys in her high school and generally not take any crap from anybody! A cast of ultra-Fox "Star Girls"- Shray Mecham, Patty Clark, Karen Umphrey and others- appeared on the covers and in every issue, demonstrating the ultimate in sky-high platform shoes, rhinestoned denim, and vintage jewelry. Unfortunately Star didn't last, and I believe that only six issues, spanning February through July of 1973, were ever made. These magazines are extremely rare, precious, coveted, and beautiful. This issue features Shray Mecham on the cover, a comic strip called "The Groupies" by Joe Petagno (girls dress up like Bolan and end up onstage with T.Rex!), "Win The Raspberries' Rollswagen" contest. Great four-page Marc Bolan interview that's far more down-to-earth than usual, early Rolling Stones retrospective. "The Evil She Fox- Will She Ruin Your Life?", "Those Foxy Hollywood High Girls- How They Get Guys!", article on how to customize your platform shoes, cartoons of Foxes and Superdudes in glitter regalia, reviews of electronic gadgetry and makeup (including the Panasonic Toot-A-Loop radio!), and tons more amazing stuff. If you could compress everything that was incredible about the 70s into one place, it would be Star Magazine. 74 pages,

we have another gallery on STAR magazine, see the bottom of our gateway 2 for it....

this model has Great fashion sense whoever she is ?

"This life of material existence is just like hard wood, and if we carve Krsna out of it,that is the success of our life." (Srila Prabhupada in a Letter 26.1.1968)

"Krsna consciousnss is based on the faith and conviction of our heart and..... how we are willing to implement that faith in our actions in life." - HH Radhanath maharaj

"Simplicity means no duplicity. Simplicity means no personal ambitions. Simplicity means just a honest simple life, for the pleasure of Krishna, Guru and the Vaisnavas. That is simple living, high thinking." - HH Radhanath Swami

"The Lord understands the mentality and sincerity of a particular living entity who is engaged in Krishna consciousness and gives him the intelligence to understand the science of Krishna in the association of devotees." - Srila Prabhupada

More from - Vol 1 # 1

Published by the Petersen Publishing Company, this is issue Vol. 2, No. 1.

This issue features:

Foxy Lady advice column, Reviews of new flicks ("Elvis on Tour," "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Blacula"), records by James Taylor, George Carlin, David Bowie and products such as Mickey Mouse radios, "Toot-a-loop" telephones and Panasonic's Pandora TV!

Test: How HIGH is your FOXY I.Q.? Sally Struthers: "When I was 15" The Rolling Stones' early years...complete with centerfold!!

"YOUR very own SUPERFOX (How You'll know it's him!) Love is...the two of you (photo layout of surfer couple) Your Secret Super Weapon Against Guys (and How to use it against him!!) A "Groupies" comic

the EVIL She-Fox (Will she ruin your life??) Those Foxy Hollywood High girls...How they get guys! "Money and how to make it!" Platform put-ons!

"Astrology and your Dreams" How to make a foxy pillow Pam's Secret Songs (Pt. 1) "I Fought Her for Her Love"

Marc Bolan of T. Rex feature "Who's Happening" Gossip column featuring RIngo Starr, Cat Stevens and more.