BMX Bikes

In the early eighties kids were trying to do clever stunts on their BMXs but invariably ended up with grazes and broken bones instead.

The bikes were made ultra-cool by their appearance in ET. However, the ones you got down Argos very rarely flew. They did come with special wheelnuts that you could stand on during tricks, or give yourself terrible flesh wounds with, depending on how good you were.

BMX racing was incredibly popular. The moment you got your own number plate to attach to the front of your bike so you could take part was a coming of age ritual for many boys.


Kodak Disc Camera

The Kodak Disc 2000 was the first camera to use a disc shaped film. It was a bit of a novelty at first but is now obsolete. Although if you look hard on the internet you may find enthusiast web sites suggesting places you can still get the disc films developed if you really want to.

They were powered by a 9-volt battery and the flash was manually selectable but the films were just too small and clumsy to really catch on and Kodak stopped producing cameras in this format in 1990.