Most Popular Movies       

1. Absence of Malice
2. Annie
3. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
4. Chariots of Fire
5. Conan the Barbarian
6. E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
7. Firefox
8. First Blood
9. Friday The 13th, Part III
10. Modern Problems


ET-The Extra-Terrestrial

Even well 'ard boys and their dads cried at ET. A friendly pot-bellied little extra-terrestrial is abandoned by his fellow aliens and has to survive on earth until they are able to come back and rescue him.

Alone in the world, he bumps into a boy called Elliott who teaches him how to speak, dress up in women's clothes and look like a teddy bear. When ET started dying because he was missing home, the bawling audience reached for the tissues. Luckily he gets better, his ship comes to get him and everyone lives happily ever after.


The Young Ones

Four students Rick, Neil, Vivian and Mike lived in squalor in a decrepit house. Their frequent outbursts of mindless violence were so extreme and ridiculous that it was surely obvious to its critics that it wasn't meant to be realistic!

They had brainless intellectual conversations, rebelled against the rest of the world and did absolutely no studying. Plenty of slapstick and toilet humour meant the younger generation loved it but it was heavily criticised by older folk.

Alexi Sayle appeared regularly as their Russian landlord Jerzy Balowski - he also played other members of the landlord's family.

The Young Ones paved the way for alternative British comedy despite the facts that only twelve episodes were ever made, and that one episode featured Cliff Richard and a double-decker bus.

Knight Rider

The premise was that young police officer Michael Long (David Hasselhoff) was shot in the face and left for dead. He was rescued by millionaire Wilton Knight who left his estate to Michael on the condition that he used the resources to fight crime.

Out of respect for the dead millionaire he took his saviour's surname and became the Michael Knight that we know and love.

Michael also inherited an amazing computerised black car that could talk, had mood swings and could drive itself - much to the consternation of potential thieves. He (it had a masculine voice) was called Knight Industries Two Thousand or KITT for short.

With the help of Wilton's friend Devon Miles, F.L.A.G. and a lorry-cum-garage they always succeeded in their fight against crime.