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You're done with those second-rate boring home pages!

Ever wanted to just be able to turn your internet on, and have the home page be a beautiful picture with wonderful interface, and have all the links you want, named what you want, organized the way you want? Even chat rooms, etc. Mine is still being played with and updated, but can be found here. I think that this is a wonderful alternative to haveing your home page be google, your Browser's page, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Order your links so that the most used are at the top and largest. For doing this, I suggest that

a) If you have a site already, hosted by angelfire, freewebs, etc, then, create a new page and call it "home.html". Customize it using html (if your hoster lets you) which can be found here .

b) If you have no site, I don't suggest signing up for angelfire or other hoster just for the homepage. I would create a fan site or music site or something that has some value, and just use a little space to create a home page. This works exceptionally well for me, and I will continue with using it.