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Box ScoresFOG finishes 7/8 out of 35 teams in the Pine Cliff Opening Tournament. 

“Tournament MVP is the Spirit of Floyd.

Coach Connelly and Scurry brought it, as did the grizzled old veteran Don V., a Spring training hold-out, still going strong at age 51. Bull hit 5 dingers, but none of them counted, except for the one that bounced off the top of the fence.  Kyle "Sosa" Chittum and 'Iron" Steve Maleson are battling for the HR title as the pundits expected.”

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The F.O.G. name has transcended over the years to retain the historical grassroots of the original founding team. In 1998, the original manager, Dave Rolls, packaged a softball team to represent United States Army Garrison on Fort Detrick, Maryland, in the military summer softball league, but didn’t finish as well as hoped.  The team's name was the Garrison Goats.

As the next softball season returned, the GOATS finished a close fourth on Fort Detrick. Determined to make a mark on Detrick in 2000, present manager John Connelly and Shane Chittum decided to step it up a notch and take the branded GOATS name to The Frederick Fall Ball League.  With the key addition of a few (such as current member Andrew Hanks) and a 500% finish for the first time in this 24-team league, the GOATS realized that their team was going to branch out into various leagues.  To ensure the team kept its original stamp, Team Information Manager, Steve Maleson, coined the new name F.O.G., which stood for the Fraternal Order of Goats, not F'ing Old Guys.

As the 2000 season unfolded, the F.O.G. was finally becoming a remembered name on Fort Detrick, with a 1st  finish in the league and a 2nd place finish in the tournament next to USAMRIID (whom current F.O.G. member Matt Frick played for).  However, while finishing 2nd overall in the Frederick Fall Ball league and 8th in the tournament, they weren’t yet recognized in the Frederick Fall Ball League.

Even with strong finishes at Fort Detrick and Fall Ball during 2001, the F.O.G. was not recognized as a force to reckon with until the 2002 season.  With an amazing display at the Frederick Fall Ball tournament, The FOG destroyed the league champs – Dutche’s Daughters – and finished 3rd overall in the tournament.  The fans were all whispering, “That F.O.G. team ain’t no joke – they hit the shit out of the ball”.

Today, while the team has represented several sponsors over the years and been dubbed Goats, Garrison, Coldwell Banker, Rolls of Film, one thing is certain – Maryland players know who The F.O.G. is.

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F.O.G. Members

1998 - Dave Rolls, Shane Chittum, Ron Leadore, Steve Maleson, John Connelly, Tom Scully, BC Baker, Kimbo Hodge, Stanley, Thurman

1999 - Dave Rolls, Shane Chittum, Ron Leadore, Steve Maleson, John Connelly, Andrew Hanks, Jim Brown, Anthony Floyd, Ron Sims, Kimbo Hodge, Kevin Lee, Tom Scully, BC Baker, Ryan Werenksjold, Scott Lathan, Steve Messer, and Tom Scully

2000 - JT Daywalt, Jim Roberts, Duane Eggert, Shane Chittum, Steve Maleson, John Connelly, Ron Leadore, Dave Rolls, Andrew Hanks, Anthony Floyd, Ron Sims, Kimbo Hodge, Ricky Cregger, Steve Messer, Kevin Simms, Kevin Lee, Chris Macy, James Holloway, Jason Bowers, Kevin Slicker, Mike Nelson, Mark Dick, Tom Scully, and BC Baker

2001 - Shane Chittum, Ron Leadore, Matt Frick, John Connelly, Dave Rolls, Anthony Floyd, Ricky Cregger, Steve Messer, Steve Maleson, Brenan Redman, Kyle Chittum, JT Daywalt, Mark G., Andrew Hanks, Mark Dick, Scott Curry, Don Vierra, Kevin Simms, and BC Baker

2002 - Ron Leadore, Dave Rolls, Shane Chittum, John Connelly, Kyle Chittum, Paul "BULL" Butcher, Matt Frick, Scott Curry, Brenan Redman, Mark G., Anthony Floyd, Andrew Hanks, Eric Mills, Chuck Boeler, Don Vierra, Jon Phelps, Joe Eiseman, Rick Sharma, Denis Silvestri, Rich McAlvery, BC Baker, Kevin Simms, Kevin Stoll, Scott Osborne, Chris Murphy, Peter K., Jason P., Craig Z. , and Matt B.

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2003 Roster

The 2003 F.O.G. team will compete in the Frederick ISSSA 48-team league and has a monster line-up for the competition.







Scouting Report

B. Redman

OF, 3B




Lifting like a madman during the winter and expects to lead the team in HR's, "two-stride" doubles, and Slugging %.

J. Connelly

2B, OF




Claims to have shed some pounds and expects to be a mobile defensive force.  Everyone is hoping he will get in front of the ball.

Mark G.

1B, DL




Coming off the DL, his slugger reputation is unclear.

S. Chittum



"The Big Show"


With former pitcher Floyd's retirement, he will move from the DH spot to P and dominate in “shit talking”.

K. Chittum





Says he is going to "FLIP" his ever so hated backspin swing around into a topspin swing and beat his powerhouse brother in HR's.

M. Frick




Pic Not Available

Scouts are expecting this slugger to move up in most coveted #4 spot. Leading last year with % of HR per swings, scouts are hoping he maintains the power and defensively calls out flies.

S. Maleson





Coming over from European ball, Maleson has had one season to understand when the ball is in play. Scouts are expecting him to be "mentally" prepared this year and get back to his strength - luring in the walks.

S. Curry





After being married for 1 year, we all expect him to be a bit slower, but wiser. As a veteran lead-off, we expect Curry to lead in walks and beat “two-stride” Redman in doubles.

P. Butcher





Rookie of the year last year, Bull has set the standard high. The scouts have noticed he is focusing on being lean and fast and hope nothing is getting away from him in LF - not even the fence. 

A. Hanks



Foo Man

Pic Not Available

Moving into a stealing league, we expect Hanks to be on his toes behind the plate. Since no one has heard from him in the off-season, scouts are hoping he is preparing to keep G. and Chuck (if he ever shows) from taking HR shots.

Don V.





Legendary F.O.G. pitcher Don V. has joined the team to make his dominant presence in the infield and teach all the young bucks how to be a reserved hitting slugger.

Ron Leadore







Pursuing a "DayWalt" deepball hitter that likes to drink beer and take criticism. One more slugging addition in our line-up would ensure at least 5 RBI's an inning.

D. Dyer



West Virgina



After breaking Mark G’s arm in the off-season, he should have a smooth transition with the team.  We are not sure if he will hit as good as he did last year against the FOG and his toughest challenge will be refraining from giving Mark G back rubs.


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2001 Detrick Team - Goats_2001

2002 Detrick Team - Goats_2002

2003 Pine Cliff Team - FOG03.jpg

The reason why we are tired on 2-day tournaments - Drinking.jpg

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2000-2002 Standings/Stats


Fort Detrick - 1st Season, 2nd Tournament (loss to USAMRIID)

Fall Ball - 2nd Season, 8th Tournament (team fight during game that ended us on Sunday)

F.O.G. columnist final remarks - "Great season, Bankers! Putting aside our tournament defeat, we were near-unbeatable. I enjoyed playing with all of you, and hopefully we'll get to play on the same team next year.

While conventional wisdom would give Daywalt the MVP (based on his superior stats in all categories (except Shane's Batting Average), and his bringing of the 26 ounce DeMarini) I'm going to go ahead and unilaterally give the MVP to myself, because I'm writing this e-mail. You all can write your own e-mails and give yourselves awards, if you want..."

Fall Ball StatsFall_Ball_2000.doc


Fort Detrick - 1st Season, 2nd Tournament (only had 9 people; loss to USAMRIID)

Fall Ball - 11th Season, 5th Tournament

F.O.G. columnist final remarks - "With critical wins in games 3 and 4, the Rolling Goats reestablished themselves as legitimate threats in any league. After self-destructing in game 2 against Houck's (featuring Brenan's improbable ejection for launching the F-bomb), it looked like a game 3 loss was inevitable for the Rollers. Fortunately, we all got drunk and started hitting...

Dave Rolls was the game 3 hero, pouncing on a 7th-inning, 2-out, 2-2 splitter for a game-winning, walk-off, three-run Blast. Floyd "Dan Fouts" Floyd also threw for two first-half TDs in the 31-30 victory.

Game 4 featured Kevin "HR-Doggie" Simms juicing two bombs over the left field fence. Rounding first base after his first dong, Simms flipped the bird to his cheering teammates, grabbed his crotch and said "F*** your 'Church League' comments, you Sons of B*******!! That's 300 feet!!" Asked later about his unexpected expletive-laced diatribe, Simms apologized: "I'm just a little defensive. You know, all the talk about "240-feet" this, and "Church League" that, and stuff like that. Sorry." He also stated that he and his wife have decided to "take some time apart to consider priorities" and requested that the media not press the issue any further.

No surprise in the tournament HomeRun leaders; same big guns as during the season: Shane, Simms, and Maleson each with 2 HRs.

Finally, the MVP for the tournament has got to be John Connelly... for knowing when to step aside and let Simms take over.

Great season…"

Fall Ball Stats – Fall_Ball_2001.doc

Detrick Stats – Detrick_2001.doc


Fort Detrick - 1st Season, 1st Tournament (FINALLY)

Fall Ball - 10th Season, 3rd Tournament

Fall Ball Stats – Fall_Ball_2002.xls

Detrick Stats – Detrick_2002.doc

Tournament Stats – 2002_Tournament_Stats.xls 

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F.O.G. Links

Softball Equip -

Brenan's Favorite Homepage -

Frederick Fall Ball League -


Carroll County Softball Complex -

NSA Maryland -

ISA Softball –

2003 Pine Cliff League - 

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2003 Pine Cliff Schedule - Schedule.doc; Rain Out Number – 301-696-1676

2003 Fall Ball Schedule

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What’s New

4/9/03 – Veteran Floyd is coming up for a last HOORAHH!  The FOG is entering a tourney on 5/17-5/18 at Pine Cliff.

4/7/03 – FOG opens well in the Season Opener.  Out of 35 teams, FOG finishes 7/8, with a huge victory over the branded “shit talking” Diamondbacks.  FOG lost to GRAMMS on Sunday, who finished 1st overall.  After coming off a 40-11 in the 4th victory, it was sad to see that FOG could only put up 3 runs in their last game against GRAMMS.  The theme of that game was “Oh well, I didn’t want to lose, but I’m glad we are finished”.

3/28/03 – Shane Chittum has his first baby FOG “Mist”.  His name is Lucas Dakota “Cody” Chittum and he weighed 6.5 lbs.  He is expected to make his first game sometime in May.  Picture - CodyShane.jpg

3/25/03 – FOG has a spring training scrimmage scheduled for March 30, Sunday, from 2-4 PM against Bethesda Church Ball 2002 Finalist.  This traditional match resulted in loss for FOG in 2001 and the stakes are high.  Team spokesman responded yesterday in an interview,

“I think this game will be real interesting with the Chittum Brother’s changing sides.  They were the linchpin to the 2001 victory and I’m sure the tide will change for FOG since they aren’t playing with Church Ball.  I’ve also heard of this rumor about Kevin Simms in shape – whatever – he is no threat.  The best thing they have going for them [Church Bal] is that FOG’s leadoff will be playing for them, but that isn’t enough”.

3/24/03 – Pseudo Barry Bond’s (Brenan Redman) start is questionable after skipping field duty to lay in his bed all hung over. 

3/21/03 – FOG approved for capital expenditures of a 28 ounce PST team bat, new uniforms, and team sweatshirt.

3/20/03 – FOG acquires Dave Dyer in 2003 draft.

3/20/03 – Pine Cliff opening tournament is scheduled for 11 AM, April 5th.  Opening day will not include powerhouses Andrew Hanks and Matt Frick.

2/11/03 – FOG will be competing in a 48 team ISA league at Pine Cliff with softball powerhouses such as the Diamondbacks, Houcks, R&R Trim, Grams, Hurricanes, Eagles, Rollins, Dutches Boys, and others.

2/7/03 – FOG gets a verbal sponsorship award from former sponsor Coldwell Banker.

2/7/03 – Floyd gets married to Teresa before moving back to WV to assume a new job as assistant baseball coach for WV Tech.

2/5/03 – FOG may be picking up a new prospect, Dave Dyer, and former veteran, Don Vierra.

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Last Revised: 4/9/03