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Hey! Straight from the Urinator's Computer to! Yeah, ok. Lets proceed, shall we? These bios are our little 'places', a place to express ourselves, a place to chill out...a place stuff...ok well I'll get on with it, huh? We're gonna set it out in a question/answer format...ok this is not fun. You know, I has this all planned out last night? And now when it comes to crunch time I can't even think of what to write. I hate that. Ok, how about I start with some links? Coz theres some great sites I go to heaps...

Crossing Jordan Online
This is a great site complied by an Aussie fan of the show, with transcripts, a great forum, video and sound clips, and tonnes more.

Which is, consequently, a forum for young people. Wonderful.
A hilarious site that both provides information on the Gods, and sends them up.

This is a "womens" community, ranging from discussions such as Television to...well...television.

Writing Forums
Great forum for those of us who write...people read your stuff and critique it, as well as post tips etc. Great resource.
Fan fictions. On every TV show, book, anything you can think of. Plenty of great authors there.

Just Your Average Dragon
Just some weirdo site I found.

Fiction Press
Sister site to Fan This is just general fiction. Pretty good, though.

Nigel's Blog
Hehe. I love this site.

"Official" Crossing Jordan Site
Hehe. Episode Guide.

Huh. So thats that. Well maybe we could put a little "blog" on here? Just some vague what we did that day, what we "learnt" what pissed us off...or something...on second thoughts maybe a little later on. Ooooh I know, I'll make a list of the TV shows I watch!! Thats nice and easy!

Crossing Jordan (first and FOREMOST!)
Blue Heelers (faithful longtime viewer!)
Boston Legal
House MD
Las Vegas
Cold Case
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
All Saints
Home and Away (hehe)
Forensic Investigators (that show is creepy.)

Yeah I think thats about all! I think!! And its not really in order of preference, except CJ. LOL.

Thursday 4th August

Today. What can one say about today? (Quickly, someone tell me, it was super-mundane. Hurry up...floundering here...oh FINE.) Well...we had 'health' first period which was retarded! The teacher gave us alcohol bottles filled with what I HOPE was water, and made us measure standard drinks. It was stupid. But kinda funny. She's supposed to be discouraging us from that. Hmm ok well talking about school is really quite boring. Oh but I set myself a new challenge today. I told myself I should come up with as many names for eps of CJ that I could, but they have to be realistic etc etc. The ones I have are:
The Dead of the Night
And Then There Were None
Don't Go Home Tonight
Yeah thats all I ca up with for the moment. But you know...theres always tomorrow...*rolls eyes* Oh and we had Pecan Pie for dessert. Highlight of the day - that and Las Vegas. Hehe. SEE HOW SAD I AM? HAVING A COMPLETELY TEDIOUS DAY THEN WRITING ABOUT IT??? MY GOD!!!

Saturday 20th August

Today was great. I tried to burn all the prominent CJ songs onto a disc but it REFUSED to work for me...I have a CD here that I can play in my discman but not in my CD player! Which is crap because the batteries I have are el cheapo ones that don't work, and the 'charger' for the damn discman broke...methinks the universe conspires against me!! Ah well. I listened to some GREAT songs..."Devil or angel, I can't make up my miiiiind...." *sigh*. Dang, Sliders isn't on tonight. You know, that show isn't good JUST because of Jerry O'Connel?? Its actually a good show in its own right! Yesterday I stopped drooling and actually WATCHED the show!!! And it was good! Hehe.
You know today I was watching discovery science (DON'T ask why...) and they were talking about how they were looking for stars that were imitating our try and find new planets...and it just makes you think! I little shift of gas to the left or right and we never would have existed!! Its bloody mind-boggling...just the train of thought that comes from watching a program like that!! I mean...where did conciousness stem from?? Where did life stem from? How did we get "lucky", and become separated from our monkey-ancestors? Why aren't we still foraging and hunting...eating raw meat with our fingers? Why did WE become the dominant species? I think there was an ad on national geographic...saying that of all the species' we were the only one with the power to protect all species'. Makes you think. Back to the just wanna know WHERE THE BLACK EXPANSE OF NOTHINGNESS CAME FROM?? I mean, nothingness is still SOMETHING!! My GOD its so FREAKY!! How does one define NOTHING? Think about it for a minute, people!! TRY AND DEFINE NOTHING FOR ME!! Hey we should have a competition, the best definition of nothing wins. Seriously guys...I mean ok fine, planets were made from swirling clouds of gas...but where did the gas come from?? Am I just scientifically ignorant, or does NO ONE know?? There's a fine line between science and faith...

"I have eaten your bread and your salt
I have drunk your water and wine.
And the deaths ye have died, I have watched beside
And the lives ye led were mine.

Was there nought that we did not share,
In vigil, toil or ease.
No joy or woe that we did not know,
Dear hearts across the seas.

I have written the tale of your lives,
For a sheltered peoples mirth.
In jesting guise, but ye are wise,
And ye know what jest is worth."

For some reason that poem, by Rudyard Kipling, has stuck with me. I can't even explain why. In year 8, we were researching something medieval, I think I was doing the salem witch trials or something, and I just came across the first verse. I couldn't understand it, and tried to figure it out. It was funny, I thought it may be a King speaking of his subjects. It never occurred to me until last year to type the verse into google, but when I did, was rewarded with the entire poem. I asked someone on YoungForum and he told me that Kipling was talking about the time he spent in India, and now it makes a whole lot of sense. A really good poem, too. And now its implanted in my memory. Freaky.

Ok heres the questions/answers.

So, tell us a bit about where you live.
Are you serious? Who made up these questions? Oh, u-hum...well its a little town in Western Australia where people are quite racist. *cough* ah, I mean, nice. Yeah. Its a nice little town, on a dirty river with swans...who are dying but but no one can seem to figure out why...a theory is that its because of the putrid state of the water...oh wait no sorry thats MY theory. has a Red Rooster. Yeah. Oh and both Woolies and Coles. And Subway. And...a bargain store. And a big chemist, and a library, and a set of public toilets... what do you do with your time?
Hehe. This will be like, one line. Well I go to school, come home from school, plant my but onto the computer chair, and go to bed. Thats my typical day.

Well aren't you fascinating. So...whats your theory on the meaning of life?
Ha! Finally a question I can waffle on for ages about without ever coming close to anything like a conclusion!! Well...I read a book once where the author professes the idea that we all have a higher 'soul mind', and it splits in two, one in a male body and one in a female body, and you got through life, and gather experience to 'take back' to your soul mind when you die. Then, you get split up again, to learn more lessons. Then she reckons that when you've learnt sufficient amounts of stuff, you ascend to help the path of others. Additional: she reckons that you are drawn to the same people in every life that you have, mostly your other half. And...that when you die, you don't necessarily go forward in time. A person born into 2005, when they die, they don't necessarily get born again in, say, 2100. They could go backwards, forwards, or sideways depending on what lesson they need to learn. I particularly like this theory. It gives purpose to our lives, in the 'short' term. As if we should learn as much as possible. It gives us something to aspire to, to become an ultimatley better person through trials, tribulations and eating bad Chinese food. The theory on 'god' and heaven has never struck a chord with me, for some reason. It just doesn't make sense. We go through life to, what? 'Dine at God's Table'? Why would you want to? I mean, for all eternity! Surely no one can eat for THAT long? Yeah so I'm for reincarnation all the way, if I must have a spiritual belief. But its not exactly a 'belief' as such. I fell far more comfortable believing that life was chance, random, we just sprung from fluke organisms and the world woulda been much better off without us. That we are blowing our own trumpets, far to loud, and are presumptuous for thinking that we are so blessed as to have a 'higher' purpose. What makes us think we are any more worthy for a quest, a purpose, than a deer? A sheep? A wolf? I prefer to believe we rot in the ground, and that coffins should be abolished because of their exuberant cost and the fact that our bodies would be better used for fertilizing the lawn.

What You're Reading Currently...

At the moment I'm reading Byzantium by Stephen Lawhead. Here's the blurb.

"Aidan lives the quiet, contemplative life of a scribe in the monastery of Cenannus na Rig, dividing his time equally between prayers, chores and daydreaming.
Then one day, a miracle breaks his comfortable, dull routine: Aidan has been picked to accompany a small band of monks on a quest to the furthest reaches of the known worl - the fabulous exotic city of Byzantium - there to present the Holy Roman Emporer with the beautiful Book of Kells.
Thrilling, awe inspiring , terrifying, beyong his wildest dreams, Aidan could never have imagined the adventures in store for him; and if he could, he would probably never have left the safety of the abbey.
From the rolling green hills of Ireland, through the stormy Atlantic seas and the land of the fearsome Norsemen, to the blue waters of the Meditteranean, the gold domes of Byzantium, and the arid Arabian deserts, Aidan mac Cainnech will travel. From solitude and innocence into the heart of a glittering, corrupt empire. On his journey, he will by turns, become a slave, an ambassador, a spy, a heathen a Viking and a Saracen; he will lose friends and his way, but will see more of the world than most men of his time, and will eventually be granted the rare gift of knowing and choosing his destiny."

I'm only a little way in but its good, well written, etc so far, so I reckon it'll be a good read. I suppose I'll give it "review" when I'm finished.

What I'm Working On...
I'm on page 92 (or around there) of an 'untitled' project. Its kinda cliche, but I'm not writing it for any reason other than to practice so I guess it doesn't matter. Its about these kids who get 'taken' away by the Crown as hostages to protect against a repeat of the rebellion of 10 years prior the events...and then the Prince kinda has to 'run for his life' coz of the evil regent...and one of the stolen kids goes with him, then they come back 11 years later and the Prince's brother is King....thats one story, and another is set in yet another world, our world, where this little kid called Connor goes to the 'land of the dreams', the only thing linking the three worlds, and discovers that a goddess from the 'stolen kids' world has been waiting for him for 3000 years. And in yet another world, the third one, a kid called Rhidien, who is actually the son of this evil god dude, is 'wreaking havoc' upon his world...anyway once Connor is able to break the barrier linking the three worlds, they figure out that only three people may use the barrier, (plus the Goddess, Athena) and those three are Sarwyn, from the first world, Connor himself and Rhidien. Yeah. Not quite sure what happens after that. Athena is like the 'good' force and Rayn, the evil god and father to Rhidien is the 'bad' force. And somewhere, Sar, Connor and Rhidien do something to make something else happen. Or something.

Oh and I'm working on my third piece of fanfic!! Not entirely sure where thats going...nowhere fast because we don't even have WORD anymore! WORDPAD doesn't even work!! So I have to use Angelfire to save the damn thing, which is REALLY ANNOYING!!!

The study of cryonics is another thing that makes you think, another debate between science and faith. I think this is the ULTIMATE choice between the two ways of life. I mean, to freeze or not to freeze? Think about it, I mean, really stop and think. Do you want to be frozen when you're dead in the hope of future reanimation by scientists? First there's the small issue about curing the thing you died from...because everyone dies from SOMETHING, whether it be old age, cancer or whatever. Then they have to figure out HOW to bring you back to life. BUT, what would you choose? The scientist would think of it as this: would you rather have a chance, however miniscule, at another life, or completely burn your bridges by burying or cremating yourself? The spiritual person would think of it like this: would you rather suspend your soul in your body for god-knows-how-many years, or go and have eternal peace, reincarnation or whatever it is you're into? The person teetering on the brink of science and faith would be thinking like this: "What if it IS true? I would love to have another go at life...but then again what happens if the 'afterlife' is real? What happens if we remain completely aware, seeing as our 'soul' is in the body once it is frozen? It would be the ultimate purgatory!" See what I mean? The ULTIMATE choice between science and faith! mayeb we should put a poll onto this freeze or not to freeze? What do YOU choose?