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The Compendium Empire

To one and all and everyone else We, The Duo, invite you to enter a world of your choosing. We believe that we are all on a path towards our future and destiny however we also believe that it is vital to occasionally break off from that path and well, come here. We define here as a place of tranquillity, extreme silliness, relief, absurdness, aid, peculiarity, discussion, seriousness and funniness depending on which compendium you wish to enter. The Compendium Of Sunlight explores the lighter side of life and beyond, while The Compendium Of Moonlight explores the darker side of life and beyond. No more explanation is necessary, for by exploring both you will all find what you are looking for, whatever that may be.

The Duo

The Thinker - Eartha Gaia Cerridywn

The Dreamer - Serena Dragon Avalon