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Boys and girls of every age...

...wouldn't you like to see something strange?

The ASW...

The Almighty Smurtaling Worblonk - Official Crispy Roman of the Evil Overlordess.

I weild the Sock of Nations, the Ladel of Havoc, and the Paint Roller of Werrfspock.

I also attempt to guard the SHINNNEEEY THIIIINGY, that myself and the Evil Overlordess found inside the Glove Factory.

The ASW was once married to Macavity of the Jellical Tribe, only she thinks he may have spontaneously combusted when he found out the ASW really fancied Rum Tum Tugger. I mean, who the hell wouldn't? The ASW is currently just loafing around her Lair of Diabolicacy after recently returning from a trip to her homeland, RUSSIA. Yes, the ASW is very Russian. She is NEVER seen without her new Maria Tachibana Gashapon figure, seeing as how she is the ASW's hero and, oddly enough, crush. o_O
The ASW has shoulder-length curly auburn hair and looks kinda mousey. She wears round glasses that are a bit large for her face. She's about 5 feet tall and looks about ten years old (is actually over one hundred). She usually wears frilly 'baby doll' dresses and Mary Jane shoes. The ASW carries an extremely large outerspacial looking gun, and has a ladel in her pocket at all times. Fwa! Go here for random chedderbits of info on the ASW.
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AIM: MariaxTachibana




The Real ASW