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Random Chedderbits of Info for the ASW

* The ASW is Russian.

* The ASW is telekenetic.

* The ASW consumes unhealthy amounts of tea.

* The ASW has an Espresso stand.

* The ASW has an alive teddy bear named Pavlushka.

* The ASW has a Maria Tachibana action figure which she holds in highest esteem!

* The ASW drags the real Maria Tachibana around with her.

* The ASW's favourite Animes are Sakura Wars, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Azumanga Daioh, Sakigake!! Cromartie High, and about 30 others..

* The ASW's favourite Mangas are Under the Glass Moon, Hana Kimi, Shutterbox, Inuyasha, Gravitation, and several others.

* The ASW's favourite songs are "Furui Piano", "Akai Katyusha", "Beast of Blood", "We're Knights of the Round Table", and "Cruel Angel's Thesis"... and about 1987249873 more.

* The ASW's favourite colours are black, red, ice blue, and green.

* The ASW has an evil kittah named Xoey and a pretty palomino horse named Rio. Or Rioska.

* The ASW carries a LARGE gun, which she named The Kuassary.

* The ASW drives a white 4 Runner, which she named The Nadesico.

* The ASW is good at serenading with Britney Spears, and is in a league with Tim, who is good at serenading with Godsmack.

* The ASW cannot spell or pronounce "Schindler".

* The ASW has perfect eyesight, but wears a monocle anyway.

* The ASW is fascinated by floating particles of dust.

*The ASW's Rachl and TEO's Rachl share a brain.

More to come!