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Hotels and Attractions



During the summer months the sun shines around the clock. The midnight sun is a world-famous attraction which cannot be described in words – it simply has to be experienced!
Whether your tastes are gentle or extreme – or somewhere in between – summertime is the right time to fully enjoy the magic of the famous northern light.








Many people opt to go hiking during the midnight sun season. A classic pursuit is climbing Sweden's highest peak, Kebnekaise, 2104 metres above sea level, in time to reach the top at midnight.


Sweden's leading dog-sled operator is based in Jukkasjärvi, north of the Arctic Circle, a resort where the four-legged population is greater than the two-legged, and where a variety of excursions set out from the famed Ice Hotel. In most Swedish winter resorts, both long and short dog-sled tours are available through forest terrain or up in the bare mountain lands. In some places, your hotel can even arrange to have you picked up from the airport by a dog team!

In Sweden, they have a hotel rating system that is much different than that of the United States.