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I write regency romances, books with a Jane Austen-ish feel set between 1811 and 1820.  I need a website that puts readers in the mood to imagine candlelight, a romantic English mansion, that kind of thing--I want to sell them on the time period and genre as much as my own books.


I need a home page featuring my pen name with "historical romance" in smaller letters beneath that; a header graphic I can also use as marketing art on business cards and/or bookmarks; and a menu that would let me add and maintain information about my writing, with links to:


- my author bookshelf (book titles and excerpts)

- author bio

- book signings and blog tour dates, and

- author e-mail contact.  


I can add the content for the above pages myself; I just need the home page and a template content page.


An example of a sample author website with a marketing art header and a menu for site navigation is here: .  At this point in my career I would NOT need pull-down submenus.


As for the look I'm aiming for, my books are not horror- or paranormal-themed, but one of my favorite web designers is a guy who (unfortunately) does horror and Halloween-themed sites exclusively.  I love the way he uses Flash to give his sites visual interest.  An example is here: -- I'd love to do something vaguely like that (a house, moving fog or clouds, dramatic lighting), minus the horror elements like tombstones and zombies and with a mansion that looks more Pride and Prejudice than creepy Long Island.  (One thing I *don't* want is sound effects that make uninvited noises at visitors to the site.).  I had in mind an image something like this:

I realize that looks pasted-together, since I just mocked it up myself; it's a picture of a Lord Mountbatten's house in Hampshire, Broadlands, that I flipped and set against a moonlit sky to give you a suggestion of what I'm looking for.  I'd like a header that features a similar romantic mansion and blue/gray moonlit sky, ideally with one or two flash elements such as clouds that move across the moon, birds that fly, or a candelabrum flickering in the window--something that creates an impression of movement and a theatrical mood.  It all needs to add up to a sense of the historical period and romance, as if by reading my books the reader is stepping back in time.  


Here are a couple of copyrighted images just to suggest the period and feel of the books I write and want to promote with my website:

Because I try as far as possible to avoid interruptions when I'm writing, I would prefer to be contacted via e-mail rather than by phone.  Thanks for your time and consideration.