Serene Waterrs

Serene Waterrs

Sixteen years ago, right before the fall of the great SilvarMoone Family, a stranger came to the lands of the Starre Empire. He kept to himself for the most part, but soon began working for the SilvarMoone Family. His name has long been forgotten, just as any other lackey's name -- but his actions, and their consequences were not. This man wooed the son of the mighty Marcus SilvarMoone III, Blight SilvarMoone. The two fell in love. But Marcus, a proud fierce man, refused this! He took his servant-who would toy with his son's heart-and tear his soul from his body. Marcus then stored this evil soul in a vial, and sealed it in the depths of the SilvarMoone Palace Estate.
About a year, maybe two years after Marcus SilvarMoone had sealed away the evil soul, and buried it deep within the walls of the SilvarMoone Palace Estate, he died. His cowardly brother took his place as the SilvarMoone Patriarch, and, all Hell broke loose. Within six months, the SilvarMoone Family fell -- members being slaughtered, others fleeing for their lives. The Palace Estate was burned to the ground, but deep down under the Estate, the accursed soul still waiting its release.
Nearly fifteen years later, explorers began to explore the burnt ruins of the Palace Estate. Nothing much was found, but, one clumsy explorer, who had found his way to a basement, tipped over a vial. The vial shattered, and some soul was released. That soul, fled from the SilvarMoone Palace Estate ruins, fled from the Starre Empire. It was flung across the worlds. It knew not where it was going, nor did it have control over its course. Finally, it found resting place in a Kingdom called Revenland.

This weary soul landed in the waters of HoneySeek Falls, and somehow, the soul bonded with the water. The water gave it a new body, and a new life; but, the soul remembered nothing of its former life: its name, its love; it merely remembered the hate for the SilvarMoone Family. The soul looked down on the waters, and gave himself a new name -- the name of what he saw: Serene Waterrs.

Serene Waterrs. It was a new name, for the new life and body. A well built body, covered by tight-fitting blue pants, and a black vest that did very little to cover his well-built chest. His dark blonde hair fell into his face, but was held up by a bluish-black bandana. In his hand, he held a new, powerful sword: the Aqua-Blade, a sword formed by the magic of the water itself.

Serene lived here, in the Honeyseek Falls for awhile, but soon became restless. He sought to find who he had been, but, the anwer was not there. He journeyed, and soon found the Republic of Umbra Victus, and the Guild TDoK (The Disciples of Kay.) He joined TDoK as a recruitor, and studies magic in Umbra Victus.

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