The SilvarMoone Family

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The family of SilvarMoone is a family built upon the darkest of desires. Marcus Strong SilvarMoone was the first to establish this family, in the small city of Noq Su Noz, the capital of Starre Empire. Over time, the family grew, and became very numerous. By the time of the second generation of the SilvarMoone Family, under the lead of Marcus Strong SilvarMoone, II, the SilvarMoone's had a strong clutch on the Empire. When Marcus Strong Silvarmoone, III came to rule, Noq Su Noz became tired of serving the evil gluttony of the SilvarMoone Family.

Several times the people of Noq Su Noz tried to rebell; tried to negotiate with the family; even tried kidnapping some of the SilvarMoone Family members -- it was all to no avail. As Noq Su Noz was getting ready to launch a final attack, a near miracle happened: Marcus III had a child, a girl: she was able to light up his eyes and soften his heart. The people of Noq Su Noz believed their prayers answered.

Although, for some reason, Marcus' wife, the young child's mother, seemed to despise the girl they had named Sakura. In truth, she became jealous of the attention Sakura demanded from her father. Through devios means, she poisened her husband, as he lay on his death bed and died a slowly painful death.

Sakura's Aunt, her mother's sister, pitied the girl and her older brother. She took them away from the SilvarMoone Estate and the Empire of Noq Su Naz. While she did enjoy malice, and evil things, she also had a soft spot for children -- to a point. Two months after they left, Marcus' younger brother took control of the Family. By the third month, the people of Noq Su Noz rebelled and waged a war to relinquish the SilvarMoone hold on them.

Marcus' brother was not a good leader, and soon his head hung from the gates of the SilvarMoone Palace Estate. Within the next week the Palace Estate was burned to the ground, as well as most of Noq Su Noz. When Sakura and her Aunt and brother returned to the Estate, only the burnt ruins were left. Many of the SilvarMoone Family had fled, some were killed, and some were humiliated-being sold into slavery. This was unknown to the returning travelers. The only person they could find in the ashes was a child, not even a year old; but, he bore the SilvarMoone Family crest.

Sakura's brother remained here, swearing to rebubild the Palace. Sakura and her Aunt took the child, and traveled East, searching for survivors.


History of the SilvarMoone Family