The Children of Sha-Ya SilvarMoone

Sha-Ya SilvarMoone, second son of Marcus SilvarMoone, married Felice Starre, of the Royal House of Starre. This would be the first, and last time the two powerful families would come together.

Sha-Ya & Felice SilvarMoone ten children, who were: Christopher, Malice, Hwatin, Jerub, Stryker, Edmond, Timothious, Stephen, Lee, and Charles.

These ten boys grew, and became powerful men in both the houses of SilvarMoone and Starre. Christopher SilvarMoone married Llana Velo, and together had six sons, and one daughter. Malice SilvarMoone slept with many women, not keeping track, but knows of two sons he has. Hwatin SilvarMoone spent his time studying, and never found a wife, nor had children. Jerub SilvarMoone married Martha Eards, and together they had seven children. Stryker SilverMoone was never attracted to a woman, but instead found satisfaction with other men; he fell in love with Atony Acia, and they left the Empire of Starre. Edmond SilvarMoone married Lucile Apcon, and together they had twin boys, and twin girls. Timonthious SilvarMoone married Lyra Lin, and together had four children. Stephen SilvarMoone married Margret Holmes, and together they had seven children. Lee SilvarMoone died two months after being born. Charles SilvarMoone married Liwinda Wayne, who murderer him on their honeymoon.

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