The Children of Noq Su & Maria Eve

Upon his thirtieth birthday, Noq Su SilvarMoone married his half-sister, Maria Eve SilvarMoone when she was fourteen.

Together, Noq Su & Maria Eve SilvarMoone had five children. Their names are: Rece, Michael, Su Noz, Juliet, and Ceel.

This generation, also started their own families. Rece SilvarMoone married Sherry Golds, and together they had three children. Michael SilvarMoone married Romana Ryu, and together they had eight children. Su Noz married Marcilla, a greaty evil vampire, and together they had six children; later, Su Noz slept with Romana, his brother's wife, and they had one child. Juliet SilvarMoone married Philip of Brans: when they were wed, Philip took on the name of SilvarMoone, so as not to disgrace Juliet's Family; together they had four children. Ceel SilvarMoone married Mark Childe: because he would not take the name of SilvarMoone, Ceel was cast out of her family.

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