Maximillon SilvarMoone

Maximillon, the fourth son of Marcus SilvarMoone, married Amanda Lex. Together they had four children. Later, Maximillon slept several time with Anita SilvarMoone, his father's wife (not his mother), and together they had two children. Amanda died, and Maximillon re-married, marrying Saleen Crunion, and together they had four children.

These are the chidren of Maximillon & Amanda SilvarMoone: Jonathan, Breen, Chance, and Kimberly. These are the children of Maximillon SilvarMoone, and his father's wife, Anita SilvarMoone: Rebella, and Gertude. These are the children of Maximillon and his second wife, Saleen SilvarMoone: Arthur, Benjamin, Riley, and Yeou.

Jonathan was very haughty, and could find no wife; he adopted two daughters: Keera and Denise; later, he married Denise and together Jonathan and Denise had one son. Breen married Eula May, and together they had five daughters. Chance married both of his half sisters, Gertude and Rebella; together, Chance & Gertude SilvarMoone had two children; together, Chance & Rebella SilvarMoone had four sons. The four sons of Maximillon & Saleen SilvarMoone (Arthur, Benjamin, Riley, and Yeou) were kidnapped, and one by one their dead bodies were sent back to the SilvarMoone Palace Estate.

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