Marcus Strong SilvarMoone II

Marcus Strong SilvarMoone II married Mary Ampod, a low servant girl. Together they had four children.

Marcus & Mary SilvarMoone had four children who were: Marcus Strong III, Wendell, Coron, and Ashleigh.

Marcus III married Keera SilvarMoone, the adopted daughter of his distant cousin. Together, they had three children; later, Marcus III slept with Denise SilvarMoone, the sister of his wife, and together they had one daughter. Wendell SilvarMoone was a very cowardly man, and never got married, nor had children. Coron SilvarMoone married Asia Tarne, and together they had fifteen children. Ashleigh SilvarMoone married Eva Gardj, and together they had one child.

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