The Children of Marcus Strong SilvarMoone

Marcus Strong SilvarMoone had six sons, and one daughter, by two women. Here are their names: Noq Su, Shaman, Sha-Ya, Marcus Strong II were the children of Marcus & Anita SilvarMoone; Maria Eve, Maximillon, Robert were the children of Marcus SilvarMoone & Res Furing.

Noq Su SilvarMoone married Maria Eve SilvarMoone, and together had five children. Shaman SilvarMoone died before his eighteenth birthday. Sha-Ya SilvarMoone married Felice Starre, of the royal House of Starre, and together they had ten sons. Marcus SilvarMoone II married Mary Ampad, and together they had four sons. Maximillon SilvarMoone married Amanda Lex, and together they had four children; later, Maximillon slept with Anita SilvarMoone, his father's wife, and together they had two sons; after Amanda died, Maximillon re-married - he and Saleen Crunion had four children. Robert SilvarMoone married Xena Zorne, and together they had two children.

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