SilvarMoone History

In days well forgotten, Marcus Strong SilvarMoone moved into the Empire of Starre. There, in the capital city of Noq Su Noz he built a small house, having only two floors. Soon an advisor to the Empiracal Crown, Marcus became well-known. He soon wed a local whore, who bore four children -- Noq Su, Shaman, Sha-Ya, and Marcus Strong, Jr.

After his youngest son turned five, Marcus saw another woman he liked, and slept with her many times. She bore three of his children -- Maria Eve, Maximillon, and Robert. As the children grew, they bore their own children. A year before Marcus died, he bought a large estate. In his will he left it to be owned by his two sons Marcus Strong SilvarMoone, Jr. and Maximillon.

Marcus Jr.'s, and Maximillon's first born sons were born only a mere day apart. Marcus Strong SilvarMoone III was born to Marcus II, and Jonathan Hart SilvarMoone was born to Maximillon. Maximillon had ten more sons; Marcus II had three more sons.

Because they were the same age, Marcus III and Jonathan were more like brothers than cousins. But, both men were extremely haughty; neither could find a woman that would marry them, leaving them both without child. When Jonathan was 35, he adopted to orphan girls, Keera and her younger sister Denise. When Keera turned 18, Jonathan forced her to marry Marcus III; a year after she had a baby boy they named Marcus Strong SilvarMoone IV. Marcus IV died when he was two from a fatal heart disease; after his death his father became a bitter man.

After he turned 50, and had no other heirs, Jonathan married his younger adopted daughter Denise. Two years later, both Keera and Denise had a child; both were boys. Marcus III's son was named Blight, and Jonathan's son was named Monsqu. When Marcus was 62, Keera had a baby girl they named Sakura.

Still bitter in his old age, Marcus III slept with Denise on his 65th birthday. She had a girl named Hailey. Marcus wanted nothing to do with the child, but had no choice but to take her, and her mother into his home because Jonathan died months after Hailey's birth.

After Sakura was born, Marcus' bitterness left him, and he became somewhat softhearted. Hailey hated Sakura for this, as she never recieved attention from her father. Keera also envied Sakura, for Marcus spent all his time with Sakura, whereas he had spent it with Keera.

When Marcus Strong SilvarMoone III was 72, Keera poisened him. He died a slow and extremely painful death. To take their minds from Marcus' death, Denise took Sakura and Monsque away from the Starre Empire. At that time, Marcus' brother, Wendell SilvarMoone took charge of the SilvarMoone Palace Estate.

Within two months, Wendell was dead, and soon after the Palace was overthrown, thus ending the SilvarMoone clutch over the Starre Empire.

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