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Welcome To My World

My name is Shay Johnson

How are you? You have now enter Shay's playhouse so you should know a little about me. I'm a 18 year old independent female living on her on, I'm taking Customer Services classes at Metro Tech ACE campus. I'm a educated black female trying to better myself so I can live life to the fullest without depending on a man.

I enjoy working on the computer, talking on the phone, helping people with their problems, and just having fun. Don't get me wrong I might sound like a nice person and that's true but my zodiac sign is a Leo.

I'm queen of my jungle, handling and taking care of my business but as soon as someone cross my path the wrong way my animal instincts come out and I take control of the situation to I once again have PEACE. I'm a black woman with goals and once these goals are set no man, woman, are anything can stop me from accomplishing them, and I won't stop until every goal is met.

My favorite websites are:

1. Yahoo
2. Lifetime
3. Oprah Winfrey
4. Web monkey