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Saint class Lifeboat/Gig

Designed by: Admiral Savage
T20 Statistics:
20-ton Hull (Cylinder) - Streamlined, TL14
AC: 12 (11 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 1 (TL-14)   SI: 77.5   Initiative: 0
Starship Size: Small   Cost: 7.966 MCr (9.957 MCr without discount)
Model/1 (PP: 28/11) Computer   Avionics: Less than 600-ton  
Sensors: Close Range   Communications: Close Range
Cargo: 0.10-tons  
Ship's Stores:  2 person/weeks of Standard Stores
Extra Ship's Stores: 252 person/weeks of Standard Stores,
Annual Maintenance = .797 KCr (.398 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = .199 KCr/Month (1.992 KCr per year)
Acceleration: 1-G   Agility: 0
Power Plant: TL-14 Fusion (1 EP output, enough fuel for 8 weeks) 2dt of fuel
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-14, 6hrs per 2 tons of fuel)
Atmospheric Speeds:   NOE = 875kph   Cruising = 2,625kph   Maximum = 3,500kph
Active Defenses:
Hardpoints: 1
Ship's Vehicles:
Accomodations & Fittings:
10x Emergency Low Berth (40 People)
1x Small Craft Couch (1 Crew)
1x Standalone Fresher
1x Airlock
Crew Details:
1x Pilot
The Saint class gig/lifeboat was commonly produced for that last 100yrs of the 3rd Imperium. Her benefit was
flexibility. The 10dt of emergency low berths could be quickly removed with built in grav plates. This allowed the
standard vessel usage to be a cargo gig.

It normally include 12 weeks of stores for the pilot and 6 weeks for the passengers (assuming their in ELB longer).
Without the manuever drive the plant will stay operational for 4 weeks (per tank) before depleting fuel. Fuel
skimming equipment is included. 

The Emergency Low Berth (ELB) attaches to cargo nets and auto latches in the bay and can be loaded in 2 minutes.
The vessel is not equiped with a stateroom but does have a fresher and micro-galley creating a basic survival
environment for the Pilot.

Special Features:
  • Equiped with .5dt of emergency survival equipment
    • (tents, cooking, humaniti-hygene products, knives  and a medical kit).
  • The lifeboat is armoured assuming its a hostile environment.
  • An Emergency Manuever Overdrive
    • Puts a week worth of fuel through the manuever drive in 20 minutes (1turn).
    • This results in an drive flare 200 feet long
    • Performance is 3G until the end of the turn
    • The manuever drive is slag.
  • Fuel is stored in 2 1dt tanks. The 2nd tank can be used for cargo when empty.