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Who's Who?

Name (last, first, rank) Index
Conners, Beth
Fighter Pilot (father Enders TAS bartender)
Corrins, James, Rear Admiral Former Commanding officer of Depot system during the Rebellion
First Citizen (formerly Caretaker)
System Defense System Avatar
Gear, Richard, Rear Admiral Commanding officer Depot Prime facilities
Hunter, John  (10yrs stranded)
A well known hunter who was marooned on Strand during an expedition.
Kaasu-Rehman, Anna Vakora, Duchess Daughter of Duke Criston Rehman
Kaasu-Rehman, Criston, Duke
deceased - Killed in the 1116 Rebellion
hault Grivven, Daniel, King
Grandson of the Baron halt Grivven of Depot Corridor, sovereign of the Corridor Commonwealth
hault Grivven, James, King (formerly Imperial Baron)
Original owner of the Depot system and a decendent of Enders, founder of the Corridor Commonwealth
Savage, Johnathon C., Admiral Introduced the Battlestar Design, Presently command of RNA and Battlestar batron deployments.
von Erricsson, Arabella, Admiral
Cmdr of Azanti Rain - Commonwealth Rangers AHL frontier cruiser (originally from a DG article)
Trollesk, Michelle. Baroness of Nubotech
Production of military hardware including BattleDress for land forces
Krell, Jenny Lady  (1) (2) Leader of the Antiquity scientists

all characters copyright of Scott White