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Commonwealth Vessel Information and Designations


With numerous ships having been refitted, the Commonwealth started building its own designs in 1190. Most efforts were towards upgrading original technology. The first ship out of the shipyards is designated TL14 Olympia class Battlestar. These were followed shortly in 1205 by the TL16 Columbia class Battlestars. Essentially a merger of battleships and strike carriers they were assigned to the new rapid deployment squadron type, StikeRon, and are designated BattleStarGroup (BSG).

Ship Name
Layed Down Commissioned
Olympia (class TL14)
- 120kdt
250-1190 352-1195 Active Richer
Columbia (class TL16)
115-1205 152-1110 Active Rodin
BSG73 Pegasus
210-1205 170-1110 Active Cane
BSG74 Bellerophon
120-1206 240-1110 Active Wilks
BSG75 Galactica
204-1206 302-1111 Active Adama
BSG76 Solaria
180-1207 002-1112
Active Kirk
BSG77 Prometheus
301-1207 080-1112 Active Andrews
BSG78 Alantia
201-1211 nc
construction TBD
BSG79 Rycon
340-1211 nc
construction TBD
BSG80 Triton
110-1211 nc
construction TBD
BSG81 Hercules
330-1211 nc
construction TBD
BSG72 Cereberus
?-1214 nld
BSG73 Acropolis
?-1214 nld

Battle Stations

The Commonwealth has refitted a Tigress class Battleship into the new Gas Giant Station at Enders. This battlestation is the only element of the StationaryBattleGroup (SBG).
Lioness class:


Heavy Battleships became popular foundations for the old Imperium delivering the message of strength and success through known space. The commonwealth is operating one refitted Dreadnaught based on the Kokkirak, at this time.  The Commonwealth upgraded this vessel to TL16 power plant. This Dreadnaught is the only element of the DreadNaughtGroup (DNG).
Samurai class (1 ship):


Several battleships were damaged prior too and early in the Rebellion and finally decommissioned.
The predominant survivor that has been refitted is based on the Voroshielf class but TL16 power station has been added. These battleshisp are designated as the BatronBattleGroup (BBG).
Monarch class (4 ships):
Monarch, Ajax, Royal Sovereign and Neptune.


Strike Cruisers:
Refitted from the few mothballed CJ-15 Imperium Cruisers. Some had been mothballed while others retreated to Depot Prime with planetary populations fitting into anything that would lift off. The Commonwealth upgraded several elements of these cruisers to TL 16.  This is the StrikeCruiserGroup (SCG).
Mars class (8 ships)
Mars, Collossus, Cornwallis, Cumberland, Conquest, Aries, Topaze, Vindictive.

Heavy Cruisers:
World class ships were refitted from the illustrious Planet class cruisers that served during the Rebellion. Hawaii class ships were refitted from the old Atlantic class ships. These ships make up the HeavyCruisersGroup (HCG).
World class (7 ships)
World, Ashima, Tobibak, Terra, Justends, Kearb, and Vanquet.
Hawaii class (6 ships)
Long Island, Bermuda, Newport, Easter, Tortola, and Whyte.

Frontier Cruisers:
A single Azhanti High Lightning has been refitted. This vessel comprises the FrontierCruiserGroup (FCG).
Ahanti Rain class:
Ahanti Rain

Armoured Cruisers: 
Originally, the Ghalak class Armoured Cruiser and backbone of the fleets it was being phased out and replaced with Planet and SEH class cruisers.  Many had been retired in operational condition due to fleet renovations. The Commonwealth upgraded several elements of these cruisers to TL16.  These ships make up the Armoured CruiserGroup (ACG).
Vicious class (17 ships)
Conqueror, Vicious, Forsight, Attentive, Fearless, Skrimisher, Challenger, High Adventure, Worth, Inflexible,
Resistance, Valiant, Superb, Invincible, Indomitable, Dominion,  and the new Triumph.

Light Cruisers:
The Commonwealth has upgraded the SEH light cruisers with some TL16 equipment to create the Hero class. These vessels are designated Light Cruiser Group (LCG).
Hero class (17 ships)


Strike Carriers
The Wind class strike carriers were refitted into the TL16 Storm class Stike Carriers. Together these vessels are designated the CarrierStrikeGroup (CSG).
Storm class (8 ships)
Maelstrom, Storm, Thunderer, Argonaught, Waterspout, Lightning Strike, Tornado, and Hurricane