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Serpent Class Scout (S)

Designed by: Admiral Savage (based on deckplans by Peter Vernon)
100-ton Hull (Needle/Wedge) - Streamlined
AC: 11 (13 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 0   SI: 100   Initiative: 1
Starship Size: Medium   Cost: 82.79 MCr (103.487 MCr without discount)
Model/3 Fib (PP: 42/12) Computer   Avionics: Less than 600-ton  
Sensors: System Wide -M7  Communications: System Wide (Maser) -M9
Cargo: 3.0-tons  
Extra Ship's Stores: 144 person/weeks of Standard Stores (4people 36d),
Annual Maintenance = 8.279 KCr (4.14 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 2.07 KCr/Month (20.698 KCr per year)
Jump-2 (enough fuel for 1.5x Jump-2),  J2=20t
Acceleration: 2-G   Agility: 1
Power Plant: TL-14 Fusion (3 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks) 4wks=3t
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-14, 6hrs per 200 tons of fuel)
Active Defenses:
 See Weapons
Hardpoints: 1
Triple Mixed Turret:
     Pulse Laser TL-14, +2 To Hit, 2d10 (19/x2), Range: 45,000km
     Missile Rack TL-14, +2 To Hit, 2d6 (18/x1), Range: 90,000km, Ammo: 30 missiles
     Sandcaster TL-14, +2 AC, Ammo:30 canisters
Ship's Vehicles:
1x 5-ton vehicle hangar
Accomodations & Fittings:
4x Single Occupancy Small Cabin (4 People)
1x Airlock
Crew Details:
1x Pilot
1x Astrogator
The Serpent class scout meet original Traveller scout specs.  If a weapon is installed it tends towards a  triple
 turret.   The original Serpents can be purchased.