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  Midu Agashaam Class Destroyer

Designed by: Admiral Savage  (from CT: fighting ships suppl. 9, and TNE: Vampire Fleet)
3,000-ton Hull (Needle/Wedge) - Streamlined
AC: 15 (17 vs. Meson Guns)   AR: 0   SI: 300   Initiative: 6
Starship Size: Large   Cost: 2,536.955 MCr (3,171.194 MCr without discount)
Model/9 Fib (PP: 65/14) Computer   Avionics: Less than 4,000-ton  
Sensors: Very Long Range   Communications: System Wide (Maser)
Cargo: 3.175-tons  
Extra Ship's Stores: 120 person/weeks of Luxury Stores, 450 person/weeks of Standard Stores,
Annual Maintenance = 253.696 KCr (126.848 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 63.424 KCr/Month (634.239 KCr per year)
Jump-4 (enough fuel for 1x Jump-4)
Acceleration: 6-G   Agility: 6
Power Plant: TL-15 Fusion (500 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks)
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-13, 7hrs per 800 tons of fuel)
Active Defenses:
Nuclear Dampers USP:4
Meson Screens USP:2
Black Globe Generator USP:2 (60 EP in Jump Drive capacitors and 1800 EP can be stored in extra capacitors)
Hardpoints: 20
6x Triple Missile Rack Turret TL-7 (0 missile magazines)
     Missile +3 To Hit, 3d6 (18/x1), Range: 90,000km, Ammo: 200 missiles
8x Double Beam Laser Turret TL-7, +2 To Hit, 2d8 (20/x1), Range: 30,000km
6x Double Sandcaster Turret TL-7, +1 AC, Ammo: 200 sand canisters
1x 50-ton Particle Accelerator Bay TL-15, +5 To Hit, 5d12 (17/x1), Range: 45,000km
Ship's Vehicles:
2x 50-ton small craft (Internal Hangar)
Launch facilities for 1 Craft per turn
Accomodations & Fittings:
47x Double Occupancy Stateroom (94 People)
6x Standalone Fresher
1x Sickbay (2 Patients)
1x Autodoc
3x Airlocks
Crew Details:
7x Command Officers, 3x Command Crew
1x Flight Officers, 4x Flight Crew
1x Gunnery Officers, 34x Gunnery Crew
2x Engineering Officers, 9x Engineering Crew
1x Medical Officers, 0x Medical Crew
6x Service Crew
The Midu Agashaam Destroyer was realtively new to the inventory when the disaster of Rebellion hit. 
The MA destroyers have 1 captain's double stateroom, the crew share 44 double staterooms, and there are
2 double guest staterooms. She normally carries 10t of extra fuel for her modular cutters. One interesting change
was giving up armour for a black globe.
As the Rebellion turned into the Final War of the 3rd Imperium and Virus swept through every system the
Midu Agashaam became a favorite for the Virus fleets. It was easily captured, the computer could open all
airlocks as a maintenance sequence, and the vessel was extremely modern.