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"For rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and few are better."  --  Homer 800BC - 700BC

William Daley III, First born son to William Daley Jr.

What can I say about my older brother. Looking back I can say he was the best brother a guy could ask for, but that opinion comes from Wayne the adult. As with all brothers we had our troubles, but I cannot remember many of them. Being four years apart in age, I was never cool enough or old enough to hang out with Bill and his friends.Let me start out with some of my earliest memories of my older brother. The first memory I have is us watching television while our parents were arguing in the other room. I can remember being scared, but Billy was there and somehow I remember feeling better. Then there was the time my brother and his friends were playing baseball in the street, I also wanted to play so my brother told me I could be the catcher. he warned me not to get to close to the batter, but I must not have been paying attention because I caught the bat with the side of my head. Funny thing about these memories is I can see the events play out in my mind like watching an old movie in a "Point Of View" camera angle. I catch the whole thing in Slow Motion in briliant technicolor. I can remember once when our mother and her husband went away for a weekend and my brother had a party at the house, which was absolutely forbidden. Matt and I had snuck into the house early Sunday morning with the trash from the party and replaced all of the empty beer bottles all over the house. You can imagine how mad he was when he woke up...I cannot remember if I helped clean up after we had sabotaged my brother, the last thing I see is him in the garage with a baseball bat telling me to come down stairs. Matt and I were tucked safely away in his den across the alley looking out the window. There was the time that our step sister had thrown a broom at me, and nearly hit me...I thought he was going to kill her he got so angry.