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Who's side are you on?
The ultimate breakdown between North and South Jersey. The debate is finally settled check it out to see if you agree.
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This Week's Top 10
Check out this weeks top 10 uncool list. Each week Jared spends several sleepless nights to bring you this list.
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Help Keep Your Dorm Cool
Uncoolness does not stop at clothing. Improve your vocabulary, music tastes and actions. Learn all this to keep your dorm cool.
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NEW!! Voice Your Opinion
Place yourself in Jared's shoes and vote to decide what is cool and what is uncool. Your vote counts towards possible amendments to the Constitution. Click on the link below to let your voice be heard. How to wear a hat?

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Every guy must wear an undershirt at all time unless he is doing something athletic.

High fives are limited to greetings, goodbyes, and one free use anytime high five

Jump suits are strictly prohibited at all times unless it is part of an athletic uniform (Jump suits are when a person wears the same color top as their bottoms)

Button down shirts must always be buttoned to at least the 4th button from the bottom unless the person is Italian or has a six pack of abs or more

A person must always be fully clothed while in the halls. Guys are allowed to walk around without shirts, but pants must be worn at all times by both sexes while in the hall ways

Ridiculous looking slippers are forbidden

Pointy shoes are prohibited and must only be worn as a last resort

Underwear walking is banned at all times in the hallways
Jared Duffy
Breaking any of the rules stated above results in immediate uncoolness

If a person or party (including guests) break any of the rules you will be subjected to ridicule by your fellow peers.